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'Only in Israel' Breads of the Beit Hamikdash Workshop at Saidel's this Summer

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Are you on the search for a truly unique experience? Unique to Israel, and unique to the world?

Then be sure to book a workshop at Saidel's Jewish Baking Center this Summer (or anytime!).

After thorough research and study, Les Saidel, baker extraordinaire, has perfected baking the breads from the Beit Hamikdash (Temple) times and now you have the chance to bake them yourselves, together with the history and sources that you may have learnt but never been able to actually envisage, touch and even taste for yourselves!

All you need to do is call to arrange your workshop! +972 507202521


Watch this video to get a preview!

Where? Karnei Shomron

When? Call to check available dates

Ages? 6+ years (not suitable for young children or babies)

Duration? 2-3 hours

Call/WhatsApp: +972 507202521

Who are Saidel's Jewish Baking Center?

Saidel's Jewish Baking Center specializes in teaching people how to bake bread and not just any bread! They focus specifically on Jewish breads, old and new and since they are artisan organic bakers, the breads have artistry and … they must be HEALTHY!

Located in the holy land of Israel, they are dedicated to reconnecting the Jewish People to their bread roots, physically! They conduct hands-on workshops teaching techniques and explaining the history and the symbolism behind the breads so you can make them yourselves!

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