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Ninja Israel Parks!

For anyone looking to become a ninja, your time has come!!

Ninja Park, an indoor ninja obstacle course has arrived across Israel. The park is based on the athletic competition featured in “Ninja Israel,” a Keshet reality TV show based on the immensely popular “American Ninja Warrior,” which in turn was a spin-off of the Japanese television series, “Sasuke.”

The indoor set of ninja activities includes several hundred meters of obstacle courses such as a warped climbing wall, chain swings, and extreme jumping areas. There are different areas suitable for children of all ages.

Shira Wisen reviewed the Ninja Jerusalem on our Facebook group! Join the group and then click here to read more!!

Just wanted to share that we went to Ninja park israel today and it was AWESOME!!! So well done from start to finish. I would recommend ordering tickets in advance and they only let you in at your exact start time so no such thing as getting there early. Kids absolutely had a blast, didn’t want to leave at the end of our 2 hour slot. Staff was very helpful and encouraging and at each station they helped lift my kids that couldn’t reach on their own. Definitely bring a lot of water, I didn’t have enough and they were so sweaty and thirsty. I wouldn’t take a kid younger than 6. Have a great time if you go, kids already begging to go back tomorrow!

When and Where?

Rishon Lezion: July 20 until August 31

Jerusalem: July 23 until August 23

Haifa: July 25 until August 31

Tel Aviv: August 1 until August 31.


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