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New! Triumph of the Spirit: A Powerful Virtual Reality Holocaust Educational Experience

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Bring history to life with this brand new powerful virtual reality Holocaust Educational Experience: Triumph of the Spirit.

Triumph of the Spirit - a 360-degree Virtual Reality Holocaust Educational Experience

Triumph of the Spirit is a 360-degree Virtual Reality experience located in Jerusalem, that transports you directly into the heart of the Auschwitz and Birkenau camps. Through the visionary collaboration of innovative filmmakers and the power of modern technology, this immersive experience allows you to grasp the magnitude of the tragedy that unfolded during that horrific period.

Scroll down to the end for details and for a moving 360° preview video!

Virtual Reality Holocaust Experience in Jerusalem

Discover the remarkable opportunity to embark on a transformative journey that brings history to life in an all new way. For years, educators and historians have sought ways to make Holocaust education accessible and impactful for all audiences. Now, in the heart of downtown Jerusalem, an extraordinary new film experience awaits you.

What sets Triumph of the Spirit apart?

What sets Triumph of the Spirit apart is the unique timing of its creation. Filmed during the days of the Corona travel bans, the camps were captured in their unadulterated form, free from any visual interruptions. The result is an exceptionally sterile, yet natural glimpse into these historically significant sites, providing a window into the past like never before.

Holocaust Education virtual reality

How did the Project come about?

This groundbreaking project originated from an unexpected source in the world of modern

media. Three charedi (ultra-orthodox) Israeli women had a profound vision to utilize the power of Virtual Reality to offer their community an authentic experience of visiting the camps.

Recognizing the practical and financial limitations that hinder many from traveling to Poland,

they seized the opportunity to create a portable experience that could be shared with

audiences of all backgrounds.

Virtual Reality Holocaust Experience

Guiding the audience through the experience is Rabbi Yisrael Goldwasser, a renowned Holocaust educator from the charedi community, who has skillfully woven universal messages and stories to make the presentation authentic and deeply meaningful. The original Hebrew text has been meticulously translated into English and presented by seasoned professionals, and is enhanced by an evocative original musical score.

How to book?

Triumph of the Spirit is now available in English for age15+ for individuals, families, and groups of up to 40 people at their exclusive Viewing Center located in the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem, entrance from the mall’s -1 floor. Follow the signs for the Jerusalem Time Elevator.

Reservations are required to secure your spot on this profound journey.

Book tickets now at and prepare to be forever changed by the Triumph of the Spirit experience.

Contact Details:

Phone: 050-4121294

For a 360°view on a smartphone, move the device or drag the video with your finger.

On a computer, click and drag the mouse.

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