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NEW TOURS at the Tower of David Museum

NEW TOURS at the Tower of David Museum - September and October

The Tower of David Museum invites the public to a variety of tours for adults and the entire family during September and October.

The Tower of David. Photo Credit: Naftali Hilger

New combined ticket to the Tower of David Museum and the Ramparts Walk | Tour in the City Center and Machane Yehuda Market focusing on Yossi Banai’s Memories and Nostalgia for his Childhood |  Tour in the Neighborhoods of Shevet Tzedek and Neve Shalom focusing  on the Shiraz and Bushehr Persian Community in Jerusalem | Stories of the Walls | Repentance, Forgiveness and Prayer - a Special Selichot Tour | City Wrapped in Light - Sunset Tour and Wine at the Tower of David

Prior registration required for all tours. You must wear a mask, comfortable clothing for walking, clothing appropriate for the season, and bring water

Tours for Adults:

The Temple Mount - A Closer Look - Guided tour on the Temple Mount

The Temple Mount, including at its center the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque, is the most prominent and distinct symbol on Jerusalem’s skyline.  The rectangular complex which is about 150,000 square meters (about 37 acres) sits on one-sixth of the area of the Old City of Jerusalem.  Today, on the compound sits some of the most architecturally beautiful and impressive buildings in the world - the golden Dome of the Rock which is built around the Foundation Stone, and on the southern end, the al-Aqsa Mosque.  The Temple Mount is an important symbol for many around the world, and the most important central holy space in the Middle East, religiously and politically.

Tour is in  Hebrew | Thursday, September 10; Monday, September 14; Thursday October 15; Thursday, October 22; Monday, October 26 | 7:15 am | Tour Length:  3 hours (Tour of the Temple Mount only) | Cost - 80 NIS per person | Guide: Ofra Regev | Instructions for the visit  and appropriate clothing on the Temple Mount can be found on the Museum  site.

Repentance,  Forgiveness and Prayer - a Special Selichot Tour from the Tower of David to the Western Wall. 

A special nighttime experience at the Tower of David and the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter in the spirit of the month of Elul and the Tishrei holidays in Jerusalem.

Tour is in  Hebrew | Thursday, September 3; Thursday, September 10; Thursday, September 17; Wednesday, September 23; Thursday, September 24 | 10:00 pm | Tour Length: 2 hours | 50 NIS per person

City  Wrapped in Light - Sunset Tour and Wine at the Tower of David

 If the walls of the Tower of David could speak, what would they reveal?  What would they tell of the exciting historical events, which left their mark and impacted Jerusalem’s image over thousands of years?  New tour in Jerusalem’s ancient Citadel, the Tower  of David, in the magical sunset hours, ending with viewing a Night Experience sound and light show screened on the walls of the Citadel, accompanied by a glass of Israeli wine.

Tour is in  Hebrew | Thursday, October 15; Thursday, October 22; Thursday, October 29 | 5:00 pm | Tour Length, including the Night Experience: 3 hours | 100 NIS per person

Me,  and Simon, and Little Moize - inspired by the Banai exhibit

Tour in the center of the city and Machane Yehuda Market focusing on the memories and nostalgia of Yossi Banai for his childhood in Jerusalem, through sites which are mentioned in his songs and stories.

*Tour does  not include a visit to the museum exhibit

Tour is in  Hebrew | Tuesday, September 8; Tuesday, September 15; Tuesday, October 13; Wednesday, October 28 | 5:00 pm | Tour Length: 3 hours | 80 NIS per person | Guide: Nurit Basel |

Bashahr Persian Community

Inspired by the Banai Exhibit, this tour in the neighborhoods of Shevet Tzedek and Neve Shalom explores the Shiraz and Bushehr Persian communities in Jerusalem.  Hear the story of the community which succeeded, against all odds, to recover from poverty and hunger and establish neighborhoods and  synagogues.

*Tour does not include a visit to the museum exhibit

*Tour on  September 22 will also include a tour of Selichot customs of the community, then and now, and introduction to their Selichot piyyut poems.

Tour is in Hebrew | Tuesday, September 22; Tuesday October 20 | 5:00 pm | Tour Length:  3 hours | 90 NIS per person | Guide: Akiva Sygal

Tours and Activities for Families

Stories on the Walls - Tour for Families during Sukkot

Tour combining songs, legends and stories of events, personalities and sites in Jerusalem.  The tour begins at the Tower of David, passes through the moat of the Citadel, the Kishle, the Ramparts Walk and ends at the Western Wall.

Tour is in Hebrew | Sukkot, Sunday - Thursday, October 4-8 | 3:00 pm | Tour Length: 2 hours | 55 NIS per person (includes entry to the Ramparts Walk) | Appropriate for families of children from age 6.  Not suitable for those who have difficulty walking or babies in strollers.

NEW!  Combined Ticket for the Tower of David Museum and the Ramparts Walk

Self guided tour discovering Jerusalem from surprising, exciting angles:

Tower of  David Museum,  located in one of the most exciting, important, historic sites in Israel - the Citadel of the Tower of David - and embracing thousands of years of history.  The Museum showcases a tapestry of cultures, faiths, and different historic periods which each contribute  to  the exciting story of the Old City throughout time.  The Citadel is situated next to the main entrance to the Old City.

Ramparts  Walk, where visitors can experience Jerusalem from the top of the Old City’s walls, gazing over the landscape of the Old City and the New City:  exciting vistas from the distant past, Jerusalem neighborhoods and central sites in the capital.  Wonderful scenes can be seen from the walls and are woven together to form Jerusalem’s unique mosaic.

Tickets include:  Entrance to the Tower of David Museum and Audioguide (no extra charge) for 3 tours at the Tower of David: the new musical tour “The Banai’s - This is Our Song”, “Jerusalem - a Bird’s Eye View”, and “Secrets of Herod’s Palace and the Kishle”.  Entry to the Ramparts Walk

Prices:  Adult - 49 NIS

(regular price - 60 NIS); Child 25 NIS (regular price - 28 NIS)

“Jerusalem - a Bird’s Eye View”: New Tour of the Unique, Historic Models

Self guided tour, with audio guide, of the historical models representing Jerusalem’s timeline.  The new tour, in the fresh air and the wide, open spaces of the Citadel’s courtyard, invites the visitor to learn about Jerusalem and discover how the city changed throughout history.

The tour includes unique, historical models of Jerusalem showing the changes which occurred.  Among the models is an unusual, large-scale replica depicting Jerusalem in the 19th century, which is situated within an ancient water cistern from 1500 years ago.

All along the tour are many points of interest and archaeological finds, discovered in the excavations in the Citadel, from different periods spanning the timeline of Jerusalem.  The archaeological elements and detailed models complete the story of the city’s development through 3000 years of history.

“Secrets of Herod’s Palace and the Kishle”:  New self-guided tour of the Exciting Archaeological Finds

Self guided tour, with an audio guide, invites the visitor on an exciting journey to the city’s past, to major events and stories which created the city’s historical image; a journey which starts within the complex of the Tower of David and continues to the moat and the Kishle.

In 1999, the Israel Antiquities Authority conducted an extensive archaeological excavation in the Kishle uncovering secrets of the city starting from the days of the First Temple until modern times; now, these sites have been opened for the first time to independent visitors.  The tour passes through the remains of King Herod’ palace, exposes a unique factory from the Middle Age, and reveals a prison in the Kishle, and includes rare finds, stories and exciting testaments.  A tapestry of stories and testimonials come together and present many events which occurred in the ancient city through 3,000 years of history until today.


The Tower of David Museum operates under the directives of the Purple Badge and within requirements for disinfection and scrupulous cleanliness.  Entry is from David’s Garden, the western entrance to the Tower of David, located next to the courtyard of Jaffa Gate and Alrov Mamilla Mall.

For information about accessibility, contact the reservation center *2884

Reservations and additional information and updated visiting hours can be found at / or TEL *2884

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