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NEW! Hannah Senesh Museum

A new heritage museum honoring Hannah Senesh has just opened!

Poet and Paratrooper Hannah Senesh's story is one of true dedication to Israel and the Jewish people. She was only 23 years old when she was captured and killed by the Nazis after being sent on a mission to help Hungarian Jews during WWII.

To hear the full story of this incredible young woman, plan to visit the museum on your next trip to Israel.

It is located just south of Haifa at Kibbutz Sdot Yam, the kibbutz Hannah Senesh belonged to. There used to be a small museum there in her honor but it has now been updated.

What’s at the site: an audiovisual display presenting Hanna Senesh’s life story, mission and death (in six languages). In the hall there is also a modest exhibition of the photos and life story of the other six paratroopers who were killed on that mission as well as a monument brought from the Budapest cemetery. The duration of the visit is about 1 hour. Activity for school classes is offered at the study center.

For the general public: the site is open for visits by groups and families. Single visitors are advised to call prior to the visit.

For children: in addition to the ordinary tour there is a possibility to work at the study center for groups of at least 15 children. It is recommended for 5th graders and older.

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