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Naomi Catering

Updated: Mar 30, 2020



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‘We regularly use Naomi Catering for Pesach. Great food and saves so much work!’


Naomi Catering established in 1987 has been one of Israel premier luxury caterers since opening its doors. Always striving to use fresh and healthy ingredients we create state of the art food from the classics we all know and love to modern cuisine that you will be proud to put on your table. Whether you are looking for a full catered event, take away food for a large group, or food for your Shabbat or Yom Tov table Naomi will give you a dish your guests will be talking about for days to come. Naomi Guarantees not only will you be satisfied with your food but also with our excellent service. Try us out today see why Naomi has not only been invited to thousands of tables and is always asked to come back but also demanded as a leader of kosher tours around the world! Kashrut Glatt Mehadrin supervision of the Jerusalem Chief Rabbinate and of course the aesthetic eagle eye and finely tuned palate of Naomi herself. Minimum Order 499 nis Cuisine Type French ,Healthy ,Italian ,Mediterranean ,Gourmet ,Meat ,Dairy

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