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MY Festigal - this Hanukkah!

40 days of events and a once-in-a-lifetime musical performance!

Click above to hear this year's theme song

Usually the Festigal is the highlight show of the year, with performances running around Hanukkah time. This year, Festigal celebrates 40 years and due to the current situation it will all be online! It will be accompanied by a customized interactive activity for the viewer, where everyone can influence and take part in the story, earn stars, and enjoy a full experience of exciting, funny and engaging content inside and outside the screen for 40 days! Click here to the main Festigal website where you can watch the preview movie and see how the interaction will work! You choose how the Festigal will run - your Festigal...well, MY Festigal!

Details translated and adapted from the Festigal Website:

A crazy musical show with all the stars, songs and dances that only the Festigal knows how to do.

So how will it work?

This year instead of a "ticket" each viewer will receive a unique digital key to connect to their personal account on the dedicated Festigal website. Every day a new and surprising world will be revealed behind the scenes of Festigal 2020 and the wild musical show they are preparing for you. In order for you to enjoy an experience that is tailored to your own preferences, you should have your own personal key or as they say:

Everyone and his Festigal. So what's your festival?

Why is it called MY Festigal?

Well, this year you have the option to choose! (MY = mine!) Or even help the stars solve all sorts of little problems along the way, but not everyone has the same solutions, so everyone will experience a slightly different, more personal and unique festival. That is why it is called "My Festigal", MY Festigal. Everyone and his Festigal.

What is MY Festigal?

MY Festigal is the name of the Festigal for 2020. But it is also the name of all the activities for this slightly different Festigal. This year the Festigal starts 40 days before the big performance! You will participate in a customized interactive activity in which everyone can influence and take part in the story, accumulate stars, and enjoy a full experience with exciting, funny and engaging content inside and outside the screen. And this buzz concludes with the great moment without which no Hanukkah holiday is complete: MY Festigal - a crazy musical show with all the show, stars, songs and dances as only the Festigal can.

So there's a show ?!

Of course there is! This year we are "coming to your home", so you can watch us from a computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. from your favorite sofa at home! Put it in your calendar now - the show will take place on December 17th! Watch it with your whole family!

Who is participating in the Festigal this year?

Wow, who is not participating! This year the festival is celebrating 40 years! They have recruited more than 40 stars of all time, ones that your parents, and your big brothers and sisters also grew up on - so that it will be an unforgettable birthday!

So there's a ticket?

So it is, that this year there is a 'key'. Get used to it, it's like a ticket. For 40 days there will be 40 doors on our site, every day you will open a door and click to watch exclusive glimpses, with activities that will pass the time and replenish the energy you have bottled during the lockdowns and will prepare you for the big show! With the help of the key, you can connect to your own personal account on the dedicated Festigal website. Everyone has a personal key so they can earn stars and win prizes.


1. Purchasing a key is one-time and gives entry to all activities for the 40 days and of course to the main show.

2. You can use the key on only one device at a time and not several at a time.

3.Keep your key! This is your key to all the activities and the big show!

When will the key be active?

There is a timer on our website that says exactly when the first door will open. It opens on November 11th and that is when you will be able to dive into the world of the Festigal. In the meantime, you can experiment with the system and enjoy our interactive movie (and of course check the timer every day!) on the Festigal website.

So what will happen during the 40 days before the show?

Sometimes there will be movies to help you find out more about the plot, and sometimes you will need to help the stars make important decisions. So you better stay focused! Besides there will be guides of all kinds for things to do with all this free time, games that will test how much you know the Festigal (it is still celebrating its 40th anniversary!) And many more surprises. So go ahead, what are you waiting for?

Where can I see the Festigal this year?

This year it will be possible to enter the world of the Festigal from any device, mobile, tablet, or computer. You can enter your key that you purchased on the Festigal website in order to access the 40 days and the final show. You can only use that code on one device at a time.

For more questions and answers go to the Festigal website.

Tickets are priced at 69 Shekel.

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