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Mosaics by Miriam

A beautiful workshop for the whole family!

If you are looking for a 3 weeks/9 Days appropriate activity, Mosaics by Miriam mosaic workshop is your answer. Whether you make a family sign or a wall hanging to commemorate Jerusalem, mosaics is a calm outdoor and shady, activity perfect for small and large groups.

Miriam is offering a special discount from now until (9th Av - August 7th) Tisha b'Av.

2 groups book together, each group gets 100 shekel off of a group project. If you book a workshop without a second group there's a 50 shekel discount during these trying times. Multigenerational workshops where each household makes their own project are ideal for this time of year when celebrations are difficult to plan.

Group projects are done at a 2-3 hour workshop in Neve Daniel Gush Etzion. Miriam plans the project with you in advance, draws it out before you come and then grouts it after you leave. Regular price is 850 for a group of up to 6 people making a group project. Individual projects are available as well. Contact Miriam directly for more information. Details below:

Mosaics by Miriam also offers workshop at home kits, open studio times and custom made artwork. Visit Miriam's website or Facebook page for more information and photos of the beautiful projects that are possible for anyone to make without any mosaic experience at all.

Phone: +972543063454

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