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Milk and Honey Festival in Emek Yizrael

A variety of tours and activities for the whole family at the valley’s tourist sites.

“Milk and Honey Festival”, May 25-31, in the Emek Yizrael!

On Shavuot, the festival of the first fruits, the Jezreel Valley holds a festival, and the fields of the wheat are painted gold.

The Jezreel Valley Regional Council is running the “Milk and Honey” Festival for the 17th year!

The festival features a folk celebration, a celebration of agriculture and nature, in which musical performances are combined with the best artists and performers in the fragrance of the good old Land of Israel.

Alongside them, there will be a ceremony of bringing the first fruits (Bikurim), the valley market on the historic train with local produce and vintage, trips in the valley landscape, workshops and activities for children on the subject of Shavuot, dance performances, singing and music, traditional Shavuot night learning, 50 Emek Yezreel artists and a variety of attractions .

Eyal Betzer, head of the regional council: “Greetings to visitors and visitors in the valley, the festival of milk and honey in Shavuot is part of the cultural tradition in the Jezreel Valley – a celebration of agriculture and culture.”

On Wednesday, May 31, Shavuot, the main ceremony of bringing the first fruits in the fields of Nahalal will take place in the best tradition in the Jezreel Valley. A celebration of the first fruits of the various sectors of the economy – from plowing to harvesting, demonstrations in the open field, rundo horses and tractors, the ceremony of bringing first fruits, dance and singing groups and more. Admission is free! Touristic sites in the Jezreel Valley will also be visited by visitors. (Free entrance), a celebration of Shavuot in the agricultural circus, an agricultural exhibition at the “Kopoti” (wine cellar), wine and cheese at the winery (free entry) Bicycle tours in the center of the Alon Galil area (free of charge), a riddle in the historic Nahalal police station, tours following the milk on the dairy cows trail, and more.

On Friday, 26.5, the Valley Market will take place at the historic train station in Kfar Yehoshua with the best produce of Valley farmers with food stalls, vegetables, olive oil, flowers, cheeses, vintage wine and fun children’s shows.

The main performance of the festival will take place on Monday, 29.5 – “The Night is a Song” producing a source celebrating the eternal songs of Chava Alberstein. The show has two parts: Shlomi Shaban, Esther Rada, Marina Maximilian and Alon Eder will be part of the two masterpieces Tzemach Bar and La Yehi. In the second part, Chava Alberstein and her musical ensemble will perform her best songs of all time. The evening will be moderated by Ilana Dayan. At the festival: “The Children of the Tree House” host Karolina in an exciting and enjoyable musical performance for the whole family, Einat Sharouf in an Israeli celebration (free entry), Omer Netzer and Lola Marsh in a performance for the youth of the valley, the eighth year of the Jezreeli Dance Festival “- The Life and Work of Yaacov Orland, led by Dr. Moti Zeira,” Late Ignition “- the reunion of two of the mythological relics (free entrance), Shavuot night, traditional Valley artists, concerts and more. Saturday (31.5 in the Nahalal Amphitheater).

In addition, two art exhibitions will be held during the festival. The exhibition “A full cart” will feature about ten selected artists from the valley and the country, who in their work are connected to the heritage of Israeli culture. And the Valley Artists’ Exhibition, which has already become a tradition, will present about 120 works by about 50 artists from the valley.

For more details on the activities of the “Milk and Honey” Festival at the Jezreel Valley Regional Council website or call 04-6520734.

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