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Matza Baking Workshops at Meshek 48!

Join Meshek 48 on Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim to bake kosher matzot from March 22-April 4th!

What is this Workshop?

David Katz, the founder of Pat BaMelach, will be running matza-baking workshops from March 22-April 4th.

Who for?

Workshops are for ages four and up.

What is included?

The 75-minute workshop has you running through two rounds of matza baking!


Cost for a private workshop (for up to 20 people) is 2200 shekel.

To join an open workshop, the cost is 130 shekel an adult and 100 shekel a child -- ages 4-10.

How to book?

You can check availability on their website or by reaching calling 058 637-4351.

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