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Matan Rosenberg – Magical Entertainer

Updated: Mar 13, 2020


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‘Thank you for making our Bat Mitzvah so wonderful. You enchanted all three generations. Highly recommended!’


Matan says, ‘We all have our moments in life, but when was the last time you have felt truly astonished? Matan presents a special kind of magic called “close up magic”, an art form that combines wonder and improvisational skills. The world of illusion moves directly from theater to table where the hands of the participants become the stage. You and your guests are invited to a show like no other where logic and the Laws of Nature shatter and all that is left to do is kick back and enjoy the ride. With his personal charm, Matan takes the audience through a surreal journey and performs illusions with ordinary borrowed objects, with no audience plants or accomplices. Matan will make your event, the one that will be remembered for years to come. During the past decade, Matan has gained major recognition from colleagues all over the world for being a dexterous virtuoso and for his impressive presentational style. Matan has appeared on Israel’s Channel 2 prime time TV show, “Who Will Fool the Master?” Matan is able to perform in English, Hebrew, Spanish, German and French and if you are able to wait a little bit he will be able to perform in Russian too.’

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