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Mary Lou – a fun, song filled musical!


Many Olim may not think about going to a show, in Hebrew. Craving the West End Shows I used to go to, I never really gave the ones here in Israel a chance…but then I saw Mary Lou!!

The musical is based on the songs by Tzvika Pik, who is a well known singer and composer in Israel. Since the 70s he has written lots of songs – many of which I actually did recognize in the show. The well known Eurovision song, Viva La Diva as famously song by Dana International was written by him and is in the show too. I loved the hum as the audience sang along to songs and the sense of enjoyment that filled the packed theater hall.

I would compare the musical to an Israeli ‘Mamma Mia’ – a story told using favorite songs, sang by really talented singers. We really had a great time and could follow the story pretty well despite not understanding every word. I think it is suitable for 12 years and up (there is one swear word and one slightly less appropriate scene but nothing major!) although there were of course plenty of younger children there too.


If you are looking for a fun, high quality show (especially if your children are fluent Hebrew speakers), I would highly recommend this!!

For tickets click here. Approximately 200 Shekel a ticket. Look out for Credit Card offers though.

Show dates at Heichal Hatarbut in Tel Aviv are:19.4ג’20:3020.4ד’20:3021.4ה’20:3024.4א’20:3025.4ב’20:3026.4ג’11:00, 20:3027.4ד’20:3028.4ה’20:303.5ג’20:305.5ה’20:3012.5ה’20:3014.5שבת21:00


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