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Make your own Scavenger Hunt!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I did this today with a friend and her children and it was such a success that I had to recommend it!

The Summer is fun, but it can also be hard work and expensive – so sometimes you just need a home-made activity which can even end up to be the highlight of the summer break! Make your own Scavenger Hunt!

The truth is, this is a suggestion you often hear of but it really is so simple to do, and if you are stuck on ideas a quick search of the internet will inspire you with ideas. so here is what we did:

We simply found a good coffee shop in the middle of the mall – for those of you in Raanana, we went to Canyon Renanim and chose the Gregs. It is pretty central and we sat right at the edge so that our children didn’t need to actually go in the coffee shop area in between tasks so we didn’t disturb anyone. Our aim was for the kids to have fun, work as a team, and use up some energy in the cool…and give us some time for a coffee and to catch up!

Each team needed a camera (so they each had a phone) and most tasks required them to take a photo to prove they did it and then they had to come back to us to receive the next task. I guess you could have them send you the photo and then you could send them the next task but we want to keep an eye on them and get them moving a lot so we made them come back to us in between each task. The great thing about this cafe was they had a cooler for anyone to get water, so we got them to take water breaks too!

While you could prepare this in advance, print it off and cut up to give out to the teams, we simply brought a pack of post it notes and a pen and came up with these ideas on the spot:

  1. Take a photo of one of you tasting the Halva in the Spices Shop

  2. Take a photo of the youngest team member in 5 different kids ‘rides’ (מתקנים)

  3. Find green flip flops and take a photo of it

  4. Spray yourselves with DKNY Apple perfume and take a photo of the bottle

  5. You get 10 shekel –  see how many rogelach you can buy with it (and then you can eat it)

  6. Record someone doing a birthday message for your mum

  7. Ask for and bring us one ‘french fry/chip’ without paying for it

  8. Find 3 sugar packets with 3 different cafe logos on them

  9. Take a group selfie in a bathroom stall

  10. Take a photo of one of you in high heels

  11. Find a red dress and take a photo of it

  12. You get 10 shekel-how many sweets can you buy (where would be most cost effective to buy from?)

  13. Take a selfie with a shop assistant

  14. Bring us a shopping bag from any shop

  15. Make a face out of fruit and vegetables and take a photo.

All of this took about an hour and each group had a range of ages. They had the best time, and found everyone they spoke to was really helpful and happy to help them when they explained they were playing a competition! We let them get something each from the Coffix as their reward at the end.

Feel free to add your own ideas and suggestions in the comments!!

NB: of course make sure to give your children safety rules regarding strangers/sticking together and being responsible and respectful during the game.

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