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Lockdown Fun with AR Animals

We mentioned this to you in the last lockdown, but in case you forgot, or never tried it – make your daily walks, or stay-inside more fun with 3D animals!

A deer in Raanana!

All you need to do is click this link to see a list of the animals, birds, scientific items etc. that you can search for in 3D! You will see that since we last discussed this fun activity, Google have also added some more educational AR images, such as the interior organs of the body!

Once you put the type of item in the search and see that it has the option for viewing in 3D, select it and then you can interact with them!

Make them larger than life or sit on the couch next you…and don’t forget to take a photo of all the wild creatures around your house or on your walk, hiding in the bushes!

Send us your images to

Let’s see where you take your 3D creatures!!

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