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Lego Park 2018!

Looking for some air conditioned fun for your family? Lego Park returns this Summer! Once again, this year thousands of Lego bricks await you at the Toto Stadium in Holon.

The Lego Park will be open from July 13 until August 31. It is at Heichal Toto, La Park, Park Peres, Holon. Aimed at ages 2-12. You need to buy tickets for children from age 1+.

היכל טוטו חולון, מתחם לה פארק – פארק פרס

This big summer event with LEGO International focuses on futuristic cities of the LEGO City brand. The park in Holon includes a display of a futuristic Israeli city built with over 3 million cubes!

The LEGO event is indoors at the air-conditioned Toto Hall, and is fun for children, teenagers and adults who have not lost their inner child.

In the vast park there are a variety of activities, including the theme of “Building the City of the Future” with a variety of attractions such as: a giant wheel, a train, a carousel, a bungee, a central lagoon area with a playground, PlayStation and Xbox, a futuristic playground for toddlers, a coffee shop and more.

What will be at the Park?

The Dream Tower: A skyscraper tower, with a crane and an array of three giant Lego-like arms. The children will be able to lay Lego bricks in the conveyor belts that will raise the stones to the tower – thus becoming active partners in Israel’s future industry and building the city of the future. Lego Park expresses the values ​​of the old Danish society: creativity, constant innovation and forward thinking that combine a perfect experience for the entire family, which they have shared for many generations since 1932, when the playing fields were invented by a Danish carpenter. Graffiti wall – a huge wall placed at the entrance to the park, inviting guests to create their own Lego graffiti, Lego rectangles at the entrance. • – Carousel

Police Station – Police figures from the LEGO City police station will maintain order and the laws and children will be able to drive unique yellow cars throughout the park. • Bungee – Children will experience a particularly exciting bungee jump from a height of 8 meters.

Lego building for children – The children will wear  builders helmets and vests of and will experiment with creating and assembling gigantic LEGO blocks with all popular characters such as Ninja, Batman, Lego Friends, Spider-Man and Princesses. Friends Castle – a charming Lego rectangular castle will be built in the park and designed with chandeliers and mirrors and a member play with costumes of characters and princesses for the free use of children that can be photographed as souvenirs. A creative area – a place where children can use their imagination and express their creative talent in designing Lego cubes from cardboard boxes. City Park – the dream meeting place for toddlers , where you can find a coffee shop and a room with ball pool, mattresses, slides, swings and other fun surprises. Electric train for toddlers The PlayStation 4 and Xbox – a plasma-screen platform complex with LEGO’s popular interactive computer games. • LEGO-sized human figures will circulate among the visitors and will be photographed with them as an unforgettable souvenir.

Regular ticket price. 1 + 1 free purchase through all credit card companies. The price of the ticket is NIS 49. Purchase:

Lego Holon Park will be held from 14.7 to 1.9.2018 In the Toto Hall Holon, Le Park compound – Peres Park

Designed for families and children up to the age of 12 Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 9: 00-19: 00, Friday 9: 00-15: 00, Saturday 9: 00-19: 00 Free parking

The exhibit is indeed similar to last year, with a few changes!

READ THE LOVELOVEISRAEL 2018 REVIEW below! Is it worth it??

by Leah Silverman :

I came with my 8, 7, 4 and 2 year olds. The main arena has a number of stations, mostly geared towards

ages 2-6. There’s a little train ride, a small Ferris wheel and a plane ride. My little ones enjoyed these, although they don’t take many people at a time and I can imagine in busy times the queues will be long. There’s also an area to ride Little Tikes cars which my 2 year old loved. There’s another area with big building blocks, and the children donned workers vests and hard hats and enjoyed building a bit. Then there are plenty of free play areas with lots and lots of Lego, although only my 8 year old actually sat down to play and I couldn’t even drag her away! The only other activities for older children (6-10) are the bungee – again, a

long queue for a very short jump although my daughter loved it! And a play station area, which my 7 year old son couldn’t get away from. Again, we were lucky that there were no crowds so he could continue playing for ages.

Outside the arena there are 2 gymboree areas, one for little babies, the other for toddlers. Also food kiosks and a Lego shop.

Overall my kids enjoyed but I would imagine if crowded it wouldn’t be enjoyable at all – so maybe call to find out when the quieter times are. Not suitable for older children really, and I suggest buying discounted tickets if possible. My children ended up playing in different areas and I only felt comfortable allowing the big ones off by themselves as it wasn’t busy, so if you have a mix of ages be prepared to be pulled in different directions. Very well staffed and plenty of Lego!

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