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Lego Park 2017

Looking for some air conditioned fun for your family? Lego Park returns this Summer! This year thousands of Lego bricks await you at the Toto Stadium in Holon.

The Lego Park will be open from July 27 until August 31. It is at Heichal Toto, La Park, Park Peres, Holon. Aimed at ages 2-12. You need to buy tickets for children from age 1+.

היכל טוטו חולון, מתחם לה פארק – פארק פרס

Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:00-20:00 Friday 9:00-17:30, Shabbat 9:00-20:00

More details can be found on their Website.


This coming summer the LEGO PARK event returns and this time they promise it will be bigger and better. A laser maze in the Ninja Forest, an interactive LEGO boulevard, creative areas, and a variety of amusement rides, LEGO Dolls, 7D Cinema, Electric Train for Toddlers, LEGO Game Park. Here is a selection of the attractions and activities at LEGO PARK:

  1. Gymboree – a gymboree complex for toddlers and young children that includes: a ball pool, rotating carousel, slides, swings, interactive games for all ages, laser guns, pretend kitchen.

  2. Luna Park facilities – horse carousel, aircraft carousel. · Electric train for toddlers.

  3. PlayStation 4 – Plasma screens with the popular LEGO video games.

  4. Laser Maze – Ninja Forest – 250 meters with innovative laser guns that came specially from the US. The Maze is inspired by the new Ninjago film. The children will get to fight in the forest wearing a protective suit and using laser guns.

  1. LEGO Interactive Games – Gaming areas where children enter an interactive and experiential LEGO world (puzzle, trivia, memory games and more)

  2. LEGO Characters – 4 LEGO, Batman, Ninjago and Knight characters will move around and you can take photos with them as unforgettable souvenirs.

  3. Cinema 7 Dimensions – Cinema complex with seating in which different films will be screened in 7 dimensions of smoke, lighting, moving chairs, wind, sound, etc. from the most advanced in Israel.

  4. LEGO play – construction and assembly areas – including LEGO train stations and all the popular characters.

  5. Parents can enjoy seating and cafeteria areas in a covered, air conditioned and closed area.

SO now you have read the PR is our experience!

We went to the press opening, and I am hoping this is why it was super packed and I think you would of course enjoy it better if you are lucky enough to go when it is reasonably empty – probably at opening time. Unfortunately our overall feeling was disappointment…

We brought 4 children, a girl age 5, a boy age 7, a girl age 9 and boy,11. In previous years there has been something for everyone but this year the Lego Park has definitely got a lot smaller and much less exciting. The older two lined up for a while for a really short Ninjago laser game…They name it cleverly but it really has nothing Ninjago about it. You don’t have laser vests – you get points by shooting other people’s guns. They enjoyed it but it was so short considering how long they waited. They then wanted to line up for the 7D show but the wait was crazy. Feedback from others was that it was not very impressive and only lasted 5 minutes, so perhaps not the end of the world they missed that. They enjoyed

some games on the PlayStation and Lego Friends dance game. They also had a ride on the helicopter ride which was OK but definitely aimed at younger children. That was it for them…they could have played with the Lego, but it was quite crowded and it didn’t draw them in.

Unfortunately my 5 year old was not in the mood for much…so she could have had a go on the little train, but this really is aimed at toddlers. There was a cute carousel for young children too. She wanted to color so we went over to the gymboree area which looked colorful and cute for babies and had tables for coloring pictures. We were asked her age though, and I was told it was only for the under 4s and she couldn’t color. This was a shame, and although I persuaded them to let her in if we promised not to play on the baby soft

play, my daughter obviously didn’t want to go in. They really should have put the coloring in a more available area…not that you need to pay entry to a park to sit and color a picture! We did have a little play with the lego and my kids did their best to watch a batman lego movie they could barely hear.

In summary, only go to this if you can find seriously reduced tickets – I think some credit cards have 1+1. If you need a cool place to play, and want an alternative to gymborees, young children – age 3-7 could have a good time if they get into Lego building and have patience to wait for a little ride. It is nothing special but can make a change from whatever you normally do…and if it is empty enough when you go, it might even be enjoyable!

Watch our live footage here:

Is everything awesome at LEGO Park? We're LIVE at the opening of the Summer event for your first look! More information here: Posted by Love Love Israel on Friday, July 28, 2017
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