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Lego Fun – Summer 2016!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Tel Aviv



This year’s big summer lego event will open 9th July until 28th August. It is recommended for ages 2-12 years. All children over age of 1 need a ticket.

There will be kosher food for sale, but they won’t allow eating inside the exhibit.

ארוע לגו פאן קיץ 2016 אומגה צילום יחצ

What are they promising?

  1. Virtual reality Lego movies.Incredible films that make you feel like you are in them by wearing special Lego goggles. Age 9+ (with accompanying adult)

  2. Omega Nexo Knights – A8 Meter high bridge challenge and a 60 meter omega!

  3. Huge gymboree for age 1+

  4. A little electric train ride for ages 3-6 years

  5. DANCE! Follow the dance moves on big screens!

  6. Lego Star Wars laser maze – fight the evil force! Height restriction 1m20 min

  7. Playstation 4 games for age 5+

  8. Lego interactive – using touch screens, solve puzzles, play trivia and memory games.

  9. Lego Friends – get creative with coloring and building

  10. Meet life size Lego characters of Ningego, Batman and Nexo Knights and have your photo taken with them!

  11. Lego golf!

  12. Lego Cinema

  13. Mini supersol for toddlers to play at being the grown-ups! age 3+

  14. Lego play – All types of lego and Duplo

  15. A Lego Store!

ארוע לגו פאן קיץ 2016 צילום יחצ

They suggest that these times are less busy:

Shabbat -Thursday from 15:00-18:00

Fridays from 13:00-15:00

It is running at Ganei Hataarucha – Tel Aviv’s Exhibition Ground, in Beitan 2. It is near ‘University’ train station. The underground parking below Beitan 2 costs 35 shekel for the day.

Tickets available via Eventim and cost 119 NIS per ticket. There are tickets for 39NIS for Supersol members and some credit cards offer 1+1.


July 2016

The Lego Fun ‘event’ has just opened and we were lucky enough to be one of the first people to test it out. We took kids age 12 (girl), 10 (boy), 8 (girl), 6 (boy), 4 (girl). I mention girls and boys because I did find that my girls got into this event much less than my boys, despite being Lego fans. Not to say that would be the same for any other kids but that was the case with us. Overall I think there were a couple more ‘rides’ last year so there were less real novelty things for this to stand out, but it seemed better organised and laid out and there was certainly plenty of Lego to play with.


So, we parked underneath (35 shekel) which was worth it just because it meant the car was cool when we got back in.

The ‘park’ is laid out in a big square with different areas for the different activities. We headed straight for the Nexus Knights zip line because we could see a line would build up quickly there. This has a height restriction of 1m20. You can either head to the back right of the hall to get to the top via a wobbly rope staircase, or go straight up a normal staircase. Each child received a helmet and zip lined down. It was a pretty high start, not very fast, and few kids attempted to put their feet on the skateboard below which made it look cooler. A cute ride that appealed to the older kids.

The only other attraction aimed at children who were a bit older, was the Star Wars Laser maze (also height restriction). My kids waited about 40 minutes in line for it and enjoyed about a 5 minute laser game inside. While there was actually no attempt at making it anything like Star Wars, it was proper laser tag, in the dark, with guns and lasers, and they really enjoyed it.

The other lines were for the little train (for little kids) and there was a shorter wait for the mini golf. The mini golf had inflatable hole stations…and we didn’t really try it. It looked cute, but like it would only appeal to very young kids.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf

There was also a line for the Virtual Reality movie (age 9+) but this was worth the wait. My kids said it was really clever and they really felt like they were in the Lego spaceship. They were holding onto their chairs for the duration of the film (see collage image below)! They do ask you to sign a health disclaimer for this activity.

The other lovely activity was the cute mini

Mini Shufersal

Mini Shufersal

supermarket – Shufersal own brands only – as they are the sponsors. My younger two enjoyed this for a short time. We were lucky to go in there before it got too busy.

Aside from these novelty attractions there were many Playstation Lego games aimed at various ages, some easier Lego puzzles and more basic games for younger kids with touch screens, and Wii dance was in the Lego friends area. For Lego friends fans, this area was quite disappointing. While it looked pretty, with a nice castle bac

Lego Train

Lego Train

kdrop, apart from the Wii dance, there was just coloring (obviously the highlight for my 4 year old!) and Lego building.

For younger children there was also a gymboree and places for parents to sit. It did get quite noisy and there was a cafeteria in there too. They were pretty strict on no eating inside the hall and I hope they maintain that because it was nice and clean as a result. There is a toilet (literally one men’s, one women’s) in that area too but note that the main toilets are actually outside of the hall, up the escalators and round to the right! So don’t wait to find the toilet til they are desperate!

Overall, I think that at the reduced ticket prices, this is a fun place for kids 10 and under. If you might have considered going to a gymboree, the price is then the same and this would make a nice change. I think most kids will enjoy a few hours here but the trick to (adults) enjoying these places is to relax and let the kids go off on their own a bit, sit and actually play with the Lego to lengthen your stay, don’t worry if they have to wait in line a while…be patient and help your kids make something out of it. The interactive games are fun, and we found most kids were good at taking turns on them. Hopefully in our Facebook group, we will be able to work out the quieter times of day to go there, so keep following as people report back! The fact that the official website already posted up their recommended quiet times (see above) may mean those end up busy slots! Feel free to contribute your comments below or in our Facebook group!


Lots of Lego to build with!

July 2016
How it looked once it started to fill up!

How it looked once it started to fill up!

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