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Lego Art Exhibition by Sean Kenney

Don’t miss this incredible art exhibit by Sean Kenney! Sean Kenney is renowned for the magic he uses to turn Lego into art installations and the magic is coming to Israel from 28.7 until 31.8.2018! The exhibit is at Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv Port.

Opening hours:

8:30-20:00 Sunday to Thursday

8:30-16:00 on Fridays

8:30-19:30 on Shabbat


You can find tickets and further information here. There are offers, and if you book early, there are discounts. Tickets required from age 2 and up. The exhibition is recommended for age 7 and up.

About Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney is a renowned, award-winning artist and “professional kid” who uses LEGO pieces to design and create contemporary sculpture for high-profile clients, major corporations, and venues around the globe for over 10 years.

Sean’s multiple-award-winning traveling exhibition Nature Connects has been touring North America, Asia, and Europe since 2012 and been heralded as “an incredible exhibition” by Lonely Planet that Vogue says is “bound to make visitors stare”. Text from Sean’s website

About the Exhibit

There will be a collection of about 25 exhibits by artist Sean Kenny. Exhibits will cover a variety of themes, such as the green-colored models and Time Square in New York. The exhibition will feature his most famous work GROWING IDEAS, that took him 18-months to build from 380,000 Lego blocks.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be some interactive exhibits using Technik, MindStorm and Bost. A huge city complex with contributions from Lego artists from Israel and abroad, as well as construction tables with tens of thousands of Lego blocks for your own Lego fun! In addition, or course…there will be a Lego shop!

(There will be a small kiosk offering drinks and coffee)

Shula Goulden for LoveLoveIsrael

The exhibition is located in Hanger 11 in the Namal (note the entrance is actually round the back of the main Hangar 11 building, on the other side of the building to the Snow Park which was better signposted).

We were there with kids aged 8-13. The exhibition is made up of a few different areas – first, two spaces with Sean Kenney pieces. They include “artwork pictures” made of Lego and various models, including some very large, intricate ones (the Eiffel Tower and Times Square among others). The descriptions next to each piece (they’re in Hebrew only) make it clear that each one is meant to make a statement, beyond being impressive creations in themselves.

This part can appeal on different levels to a large age range. The next section is more interactive. There’s a large area of Technic

Lego models of cars and robots which can be controlled by touch screens next to each display. They were having technical issues  when we were there (hopefully just because it was opening day) so only a couple were working but this could’ve kept younger kids busy for a while. There are some more nice Lego models to look at in the same area and a large cityscape with moving parts that you can walk around. There’s also a virtual reality area with headsets where you can put yourself in the cityscape and look around, which all the kids enjoyed. And finally there’s a large pit of simple Lego bricks where they can sit and build. The exit is partly a shop of large Lego kits (like any of the other lego/branded exhibitions that come here) and a few souvenirs from the Sean Kenney exhibition. Overall, for any kids into Lego, and particularly if they haven’t seen a Lego park before, it’s fun to see the models and it could suit kids of a range of ages because there are parts that are quite interactive. At the same time it’s not that big so might not keep them occupied for that long. We spent about an hour there.

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