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Lantern Tour at Park Neot Kedumim

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

By the light of the stars and the full moon, enjoy the Lantern Tour at Neot Kedumim and experience the mystery and magic.

When the inhabitants of the ancient land finished their work after a long day in the fields and returned home, they had no streetlights or flashlights to use once darkness fell.

What was life like relying only on candlelight and how did people spend their time?

Neot Kedumim Lantern Tour
Neot Kedumim Lantern Tour

What is the Lantern Tour at Neot Kedumim?

The tour begins with the last rays of the sun and ends in total darkness.

On the tour watch the breathtaking views of the sun setting.

Listen to the surrounding sounds as the day fades away and the night animals awaken. Experience walking in the dark when only the light of the lanterns illuminates the way.


Thursday 13.7.2023 | Thursday 23.7.2023 | Sunday 30.7.2023 |Sunday 6.8.2023 |

Sunday 13.8.2023 | Thursday 24.8.2023 | Sunday 27.8.2023

Tours are available in Hebrew and English. They start at 18:30.

Please be sure to register for the tour in the desired language.

The lanterns will be lit as darkness falls | Length of tour – 2 hours (about 1.5 km)

Tickets must be purchased in advance on the website It is recommended to arrive with closed walking shoes, a hat and water. You may arrive earlier than the tour to enjoy your own picnic.

For further details: Neot-Kedumim 08-9770770 mail Cancellations – up to 24 hours before the date of the activity for a full financial credit. Cancellation after the activity will not receive a monetary credit or for the next activity.

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