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Kiyor Studio - Clay Workshops this Sukkot!

Updated: Oct 9, 2022


Kiyor Studio for Ceramics & the Arts has amazing clay workshops and paint-your-own artisanal ceramics for groups, families, and tours of 4-18 participants. Paint-Your-Own Ceramics has no minimum and can accommodate up to 25 people.

In addition to workshops, there is a gift shop featuring the extraordinary handmade functional ceramic art of artist/owner CE Ort, including Judaica, Tableware, Jewelry and Giftware.

Located in an historic and picturesque courtyard just 3 minutes from the famed Machane Yehuda "Shuk", a visit to this unique ceramic studio provides a welcome respite from the bustling shuk and rigors of touring in Nachlaot, and an opportunity to engage in a creative and mindful experience of creating something unique and beautiful from the clay of Israel's sacred ground.

Clay Workshops and Paint-Your-Own Ceramics

What makes this paint-your-own ceramics so special is that even before you start to paint, your piece is already a unique work of art, hand shaped in organic and sculptural lines, from the very clay of Israel’s holy ground. But it’s not complete until you choose your palette, pick up your paint brush, and add your own sense of style and color to make it an authentic work of art for you to enjoy and use in your everyday life. Knowing that you have a piece of the physical land of Israel in your home, along with the spiritual sparks embedded within it makes it truly extraordinary.

Our selection includes Judaica, tableware, jewelry, and giftware in a range of prices starting at ₪85 for a small hamsa or dish to ₪600 for a 7-piece seder plate set, with the majority of pieces in the ₪200-₪300 range.

All materials and firing included ₪30 studio fee per person + the price of the piece(s) you paint. For individuals, and groups of up to 25 people Ages 3 and up

Fantastic Functional Art Workshop

This unique workshop is perfect for families, visiting groups, tourists, and locals. In this 2.5-3 hour workshop, each participant will hand build and paint a piece of functional art (i.e., kiddush cup, bowl, serving dish, or mug) using the clay of Israel's sacred ground. Pieces will be fired and ready in 4-7 days.

Children and adults alike will love seeing their work displayed and used at home. When they bring home something made from the actual earth of the Holy Land, Israel with always be with them, wherever they live. No previous experience needed. All materials and instruction, and firing included.

₪250 per person.

Minimum of 4 people, and a maximum of 18.

Tour of Historic Courtyard and Ceramic Art Studio

This quaint garden courtyard in charming Nachlaot has a fascinating history. Participants are given a lump of clay hewn from the Land Of Israel with which to play and keep, while artist/owner Chaya Esther Ort regales them with the fascinating history of the studio's garden courtyard, once home to several families, who made aliyah to Jerusalem from Tunisia before the establishment of the State of Israel.

The courtyard served as a stable for their goats and sheep, whose fleece was shorn in one house and was spun into wool in what is now Kiyor Studio.

Tour the studio and see how Chaya Esther designs and creates her one-of-kind ceramic art, after which you can shop the gallery for unique Judaica, jewelry, and giftware that is inspired by the incredible beauty of the Land of Israel, and made from its very earth.

₪50 per per person

Reservations required

In addition to workshops, there is a gift shop featuring the extraordinary handmade functional ceramic art of artist/owner CE Ort, including Judaica, Tableware, Jewelry and Giftware.

Chaya Esther Ort - Artist/Owner

Kiyor Studio - WhatsApp / call +972 (52) 449 5858 Facebook/ Insta @kiyorstudio

• You can book your workshop quickly and easily at For more information, WhatsApp/call Chaya Esther +972 (0)52 449 5858.

• Shopping the Gallery is by appointment (recommended). Please WhatsApp/call to make an appointment or let me know you are planning to come by.

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