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Kakadu Workshops this Pesach

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

“At Kakadu EVERYONE is an artist”. Book pre-Pesach and Pesach workshops now! Great for all ages! Every single person will take part and enjoy creating together as a group or family - adults and children alike!

See below for details!

What is a Kakadu Workshop?

Have you ever wanted to meet an artist and take part in a workshop where the artist sits with the participants and teaches them her craft? A Kakadu Workshop is just that….a wonderful and unique experience. Because, at Kakadu they believe that everyone is a born artist.

Kakadu artwork is combined with functionality. The art uses shapes, animals and figures from nature and is painted using the bold Kakadu colors.

How does it work?

Choose from a variety of wooden art pieces to decorate and the artists at Kakadu will make sure you take something unique home, that you can use and enjoy for years to come.

This is a great activity for all ages - everyone will be involved in the projects.

Where is it?

The Kakadu studio is located in the beautiful Ella Valley in Moshav Tzafririm (near Beit Shemesh).

You can also pre-book a private workshop, which is great for families, grandparents & grandkids or couples.


55 Shekel per person

Larger pieces can be chosen for an additional cost

Private family workshops can be arranged in advance.

Who for?

Great for age 3+.

Perfect activity for adults, couples, families, grandparents with their grandchildren, or for colleagues...for everyone!


Contact Reut to book! Hurry as availability will be limited over the busy Spring season!

Call or WhatsApp: 0528625271

Ask about other activities in the area such as bike tours or hikes nearby to fill the rest of your day!

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