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Kakadu Hanukkah Workshop

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The Kakadu Art Gallery & Studio invites families to a special event this Hanukkah!

“At Kakadu EVERYONE is an artist”.

Check out the details below and hurry to book for the Chanukah vacation while spaces last!

Choose from a variety of wooden art pieces to decorate and the artists at Kakadu will make sure you take something special home. Trays, bowls, cutting board, challah trays, runners, wooden mats, boxes and more.

This is a great activity for kids of all ages and even adults can enjoy the hands on workshop. Reut and the team have even prepared special holiday-themed Hanukkah pieces.

Kakadu is located in the beautiful Ella Valley in Moshav Tzafririm (near Beit Shemesh).

**Advance reservation is required**

To book your place please call the Gallery: 02-999-8921

OR Call or WhatsApp Reut: 0528625271



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