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Jerusalem Light Festival 2016

As in previous years, The Jerusalem Light Festival will be returning to the Old City of Jerusalem from 25 May until 2 June 2016. This is a free event and runs from 20:00-23:00, suitable for everyone.

Jerusalem’s light festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from Israel and abroad who stroll the picturesque lanes of Jerusalem’s Old City taking in its enchanted ambiance while its walls and cobblestone streets are illuminated with an amazing variety of modern light art installations created by local and international artists. The juxtaposition of the historic Old City with innovative and captivating artwork is a sight to behold. Every year, four tracks are offered, each clearly marked by a different color light, taking visitors from one art instillation to another. Details about the pieces exhibited along each track are readily available, allowing guests to choose a route based on their preferences. The routes are in and around the Old City. The artworks which are usually huge in size include three-dimensional installations, videos on landmark Old City walls and sound-and-light shows. There is also an art fair featuring work by a wide range of light designers displaying and selling their artworks. Some attractions around the Old City are open as well during the evenings of that week as well. It is a feast for the eyes. read more here

Photos and information courtesy of ItravelJerusalem

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