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Jerusalem Beer Festival 2016! 31.8 and 1.9!

Celebrate the end of Summer at Jerusalem’s 12th Annual Beer Festival in Gan Haatzmaut, Jerusalem!

The Jerusalem Beer Festival is the largest and most unique festival of it’s kind in Israel. This year the Festival will host some 120 different types of beer. The Festival attracts dozens of Jerusalem known and established brands alongside local boutique breweries.

Dozens of local breweries and international brands will serve the best of their beer, all of the Festival’s visitors will be able to savor and drink and taste a variety of beers, with different flavors and unique aromas.

The Jerusalem Beer Festival was established in 2004 and has since become a proper Jerusalem tradition. You will enjoy not only great beer, but also awesome performances by local and national artists. This year the festival will take place for the 12th time in a row!

The festival will begin at 18:00 and will continue until midnight. The festival will be held at Independence Park in downtown Jerusalem, the ideal place to sit on the grass, drink beer and watch a show worth watching! Don’t forget to bring a blanket or sweater as it can be cool in Jerusalem at night!

There are special discounts to “Yerushalmi” cardholders / soldiers / national service and students. To purchase tickets and for more information go to the official website or Facebook Page.

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