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Updated: Mar 31, 2020


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‘Jenni and Nir put together arrangements for our son’s Bar Mitzvah which exceeded our wildest expectations, and in doing so took away all the stress that would have been inevitable. We are English, and unfamiliar with making a simcha in Israel. They arranged for us to use a beautiful Shul hall minutes away from the Kotel, and even met me specially months before the event when I was visiting Israel to ensure its accessibility and suitability. From the singer with his guitar to the food on the table everything was 100% perfect and I would highly recommend them to anyone.’


We are your event planning station for all Simchas in Israel – with over 10 years of experience in planning and running successful celebrations.

Let us help you to navigate that important day, week or trip.

If you’re

In Israel and want something different for your event Unsure about how to plan your celebration Coming from abroad and need someone to do the groundwork We can be your conductor to a wonderfully successful Simcha that will be remembered by all.

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