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Israel’s Nature: Survival Skills and Navigation for Families! Pesach 2023

Learn how to follow nature's clues to navigate along a forest trail with HIKING THE HOLYLAND - just like the Jews leaving Egypt followed the pillar of cloud through the desert!

Israel’s Nature: Survival Skills and Navigation for Families!

Sunday, April 9th and Monday April 10th:

This Pesach, give your kids time in Israel’s nature AND teach them valuable skills. Join Hiking the Holyland's hike/ workshop, Israel’s Nature: Survival Skills and Navigation for Families! This multi-part journey will take place in a beautiful, quiet woodland in Central Israel.

What's Involved?

You’ll start by learning useful natural navigational skills from expert guide and adventurer, Ben Zaltzman. Then, you’ll follow clues through the forest with family-friendly maps in hand – Discover fascinating facts about Israel’s nature (trees, wild edibles, and wildlife) along the way!

When your family reaches the base camp, you’ll get to relax with some cold refreshments in a hammock before beginning part two: mud crafts and fire building!

Your kids will learn cool nature skills, then have a chance to roast some marshmallows before saying goodbye to the Hiking the Holyland nature camp.

Sunset workshop participants will have an opportunity to experience the forest at the most beautiful time of day, when nature comes alive!

This info packed adventure is an experience that the whole family will enjoy. Learn fascinating facts about Israel’s nature and discover how the land’s early pioneers survived and thrived.

What times are the Workshops?

Morning workshop (9:00-12:00)

Afternoon workshop (12:30-15:30)

Sunset workshop (16:00-19:00)


The workshops are taking place on Sunday, April 9 and Monday April 10


75 Nis per person

Free entry to kids under 3!

Links to book:

Click here for April 9th:

Click here for April 10th:


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