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When Lockdown Ends...Darom Adom Awaits!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

During the month of February, Israel's Winter flowers are at their peak. Striking red 'Calaniot' spring up and create beautiful red carpets of flowers. In particular, the South of Israel has many sites you can visit, photograph and enjoy the local attractions in their festival - Darom Adom - Red South.

Darom Adom - Photo Credit: Emily Shapiro Katz

While they are yet to provide translation into English, you can browse their site and even register for various activities the hope that the lockdown exit will allow us to travel there!

To go to events you MUST REGISTER to be allowed entry!! (Purple Standard Rules apply as usual!)

Some events worth checking out:

A Marathon run

Activities at LoveLoveIsrael favorite, Shvil Hasalat (The Salad Trail) - Click here

Activities for rainy days

Guided Tours



Museums and Heritage Sites

Agricultural Events/Activities

Navigational Activities

Accessible Activities

Outdoor working areas with WIFI and cafe


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