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Ice Age and Dinosaurs! – Summer 2016

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Tel Aviv


Scroll below for the LOVELOVEISRAEL REVIEW!

Opening 1st July – 31st August 2016!

This summer we will be marching into a fascinating world where the giant mammoths lived,  sword tigers, polar bears, the grizzly bear and panda, bison, rhinos and other magical creatures of wonder.

4.5 billion years ago there were several ice ages, each lasting for tens or hundreds of millions of years, where the atmosphere cooled substantially and large areas were covered with huge icebergs. Only large animals survived these eras.

This exhibition of dinosaurs and Ice Age animals offers the latest technology in robotics and animation, creating life-life animals.

What are they promising?

More that 43 different life-size models, with some as high as 13 meters!

7 interactive, breathing dinosaurs – with the latest life-like technology! You will really feel like you are exeriencing life in this special age of dinosaurs!

Carousel – ride with the characters! (extra 15 shekel)

Be a Paleontologist – search for T-Rex fossils!

25 minute 3D Film about dinosaurs

Photo opportunities

  1. There is food for sale. (snacks etc.)

  2. There is paid parking (20 shekel) right by the museum, or park on blue and white nearby (use PANGO). Just watch out because early evenings are for special pass holders.

  3. Full price is 89 Shekel. They also offer family tickets for 2 adults and 2 children at 280 NIS. Leumi credit card holders 1+1 and early booking gets you a reduced price.

  4. You can purchase tickets by clicking here. All children over age 2 need a ticket.


I have to say, this exhibit was a really lovely surprise compared to similar exhibits over the last few years. We had a really fun time with kids age 6,8,9,11 boys and girls and everyone enjoyed it as did the adults.


We parked inside the museum parking in the end because we weren’t sure about parking on the blue and white near by – it seemed to be for residents in the evening, but normal blue and white during the day. We got there at 6:30pm, which is not my usual choice but I think that maybe going outside of strong sunlight hours is a good idea – as apart from the movie, the rest is all outside. There are shades above most areas, but it probably does get very warm. Having said that, it was so humid last night even without the sun that I guess whenever you go, it is important to bring plenty of drink with! (NB there was a good water cooler just outside the exhibit entrance)

The entrance ticket does not get you into the museum as well unfortunately. The exhibit is all the way down (few minutes walk) to the right once you go through the museum entrance and is stroller friendly. Upon arrival an impressive dinosaur marks the entrance above you and you enter what feels like a prehistoric zoo. Rather than being housed in a hangar or among other exhibits in a museum, the whole exhibit is spread over its own area and is really nicely laid out. They offer free audible earphones which the kids enjoyed using at the various dinosaurs to find out more information. Admittedly what they were


Then we got to the middle area where there was a shop selling dinosaur egg toys, and toy dinosaurs etc. They sell drinks, ice creams, crepes and there was an area for relaxing with your kids. A few big fans help reduce the heat although it was still pretty hot. There is a dinosaur ride, and a chance to ride on the back of the (slowest ever) dinosaur! Not really worth waiting for unless your child is totally obsessed, but worth coming back right before closing when most people have finished in that area. Some fun photo opportunities here too, and you can purchase a magnet photo of your family sitting on a big dinosaur if you think it’s worth it! They also had some tables set out where you can do dinosaur rubbings. Quite cute, especially for younger kids. Oh! There was also a sand pit so kids could try and dig to find dinosaur bones themselves! I think only very young kids would find this fun…it wasn’t much of a challenge!



We then moved round to the Ice Age. This was interesting because its not an exhibit you usually see. The children really enjoyed


Hot by now, we were ready to sit down and watch the 3D movie. They have space for 150 people inside the air conditioned tent. Everyone got glasses and the film had some effective 3D parts and was OK. Unfortunately it was very noisy in there and not so easy to hear but the kids seem to enjoy although much of it probably went over their heads…I guess its more about the visual effects here, which kept the children’s interest. The film lasts about 25 minutes and quite a few people didn’t stay for the whole thing.

As we went in the evening, things were emptying out by the time w

Ice Age

Ice Age

e finished watching which gave us time for another quick walk around.

Overall, we had a great time and I do recommend it but only with discounted tickets through credit cards or make the most of the family price. For dinosaur lovers this is a real treat, for everyone else, take it easy, be creative with some fun photos and make the most out of family time!


Fun photo posing

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