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Herschel Gutman Photography

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


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‘Following a recommendation from a friend, where we had seen Herschel’s work first hand, we were thrilled with our decision for Herschel to be our photographer at our son’s upsherin. Working with Herschel was easy and so natural. He went with the flow and made our guests feel very comfortable. Most importantly our 3 year old son felt like the king of the party and felt so at ease with the Herschel and his camera! It was a great pleasure dealing with Herschel before, during and after the party. The beautiful and professional photographs captured the atmosphere of our simcha and there is no doubt that we would definitely book Herschel for our next simcha….’


Herschel says, ‘There are few things that give me more satisfaction than documenting a wedding. I find it an honour to be able to be a part of the couple and their families’ special day. My one driving goal is to provide my clients with images and service that will truly exceed their expectations. I love shooting candid shots of people and also portraits. You can tell a thousand stories just from looking at an image, from the expressions in the faces to the moods of the people. My photography style is part journalistic, part fine art. My photographs capture a definite moment, whether it be a subtle kiss, a glance or a reaction to a speech. ‘


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