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Here are the Best Deals for Chanukah Shows 2017!

Chanukah is showtime in Israel!

Check out our list of shows and what credit card deals/discounts you can find for them!

Shows in English:


Fun English production by the Beit Hillel Theater Workshop at Hebrew University. Call 02-588-3902 for info and tickets.

Comedy for Koby

Laugh all night for a great cause to help bereaved children and families. Starting at the end of November!

Prices range from 130NIS up to 240NIS. Buy Tickets here


Performed in English by Encore in December – details to follow.

Shows in Hebrew:

(for more adult shows/performances scroll down)

Motek HaTroll HaKassum – The Magic Troll

Aimed at younger children, this musical experience opens on 12/12/17

Price: 139 NIS (early-bird price 109 NIS)

Discounts available from Diners/Cal as low as 39 Shekel or 79 Shekel.  Buy tickets here

The Festigal Story

Shows start in  Haifa 22/11 until 5/1/18 when it ends in Beer Sheva. A cast full of Israeli stars including the popular Static and Ben Al-Tabori.

Full Price 172 NIS. (early-bird price 142 NIS)

Shufersal discount price: 69 NIS (for purchases over 50 NIS). Buy tickets here.

Peter Pan

Aimed at ages 3-10 years.

Full Price: 105 NIS, Isracard has 1+1. Buy tickets here

The Whole World is a Circus – Bravo


Full Price: 104 NIS  (early-bird price 99 NIS)

Alice – Y Circus

A circus story of Alice in Wonderland – only on Shabbat 16th December. Buy here.

Hakuna Matata

Suitable for ages 2-10

Full Price: 139 NIS

American Express 39 NIS + 90 Points, Visa Cal/Diners 69 NIS, Isracard 1+1. Buy tickets here.

Aladdin and Jasmine the Princess

Full Price 149 NIS

Vis Cal/Diners starting from 69 NIS, Rami Levi 59 NIS, Isracard 1+1. Buy tickets here.

Madagascar Live

Full Price: 152 NIS. Buy tickets here.

Leumi Card 1+1, Isracard 1+1, American Express 39 NIS + 90 Points, Visa Cal/Diners 69 NIS

Stars of the stories with Kofiko and Yuval Hamebulbal.

For age 2+, celebrating 65 years of Kofiko! Shows start 27/11/17

Full Price: 105 NIS

1+1 with Isracard, Visa Cal/Diners 86/74 NIS,  Buy tickets here.

The Kadmoni’s in the Dinosaur Kingdom

Suitable for age 2+

Full price: 149 NIS

American Express – 55NIS + points, Isracard 1+1, Leumi card 1+1. Buy tickets here

Around the World in 80 Days

Starting 12/12/17

Full Price: 149 NIS

American Express 39 NIS + 90 points, Isracard 1+1. Buy tickets here.

The Three Musketeers

Full Price: 154 NIS. Buy tickets here

Visa Cal/Diners: starting from 77 NIS, Chetzi Chinam 59 NIS (with purchases over 300 NIS, for 5 tickets)

The Adventures of Dod Arye


Clever and fun performance with aluminium tubes at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Sherlock Holmes

Age 9-12

Alice in Wonderland featuring ‘Miki’

Full price: 19.90NIS on Rami Levy website

The Big Show will be Here!

Live performances from Ayal Golan, Eden Ben Zaken, Adam Buchbot, Talisman, with Tareram to open.

Prices range from 99-225NIS. Discounts available through Bezek, Visa, Bank Mizrachi. Tickets here.


Les Miserables

Isracard 1+1, Cal 1+1, American Express 119NIS.


21-22nd November in Modiin. Last shows until January


Beauty and the Beast

היפה והחיה – חנוכה 2017 – הבלט הישראלי – לכרטיסים אפליקציית אי… הבלט הישראלי מציג: "היפה והחיה" חנוכה 2017. האגדה המפורסמת מתעוררת לחיים בהפקת ענק בינלאומית לכל המשפחה.30 רקדני הבלט הישראלי במופע פנטזיה מהאגדות, בשלל דמויות קסומות של פיות, נסיכים, שדונים והסיפור העתיק מהמיתולוגיה, הטומן בחובו מוסר השכל חשוב על יופי חיצוני ופנימי. לכרטיסים- אפליקציית איוונטים ובאתר >>נתניה, הרצליה, נס ציונה, תל אביב. הבלט הישראלי – Israel Ballet Posted by Eventim Israel on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

More performances by the Israeli Ballet: (click here for more details and tickets)

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