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Hanukkah at Home With LoveLoveIsrael

Hanukkah? Isn’t it months away…? Just like this whole year…time is just passing us by, and Hanukkah is just over a month away! We cannot predict what will be open, nor what the weather will be like, but we HAVE made an awesome program to enhance your Hanukkah from wherever you are in the WORLD!

Click here to SUPPORT ISRAELI SMALL BUSINESSES & GIFT yourselves or your friends and family!

It’s been the toughest year for everyone, and we are approaching yet another Chag/Jewish festival that will not be happening in the way we are used to. BUT IT CAN STILL BE AWESOME!!!

LoveLoveIsrael has organized fantastic experiences for you all Hanukkah week long and you can already book your places and start getting excited!!

ALL the prices are exclusively low especially for LOVELOVEISRAEL this Hanukkah!

We really thank the business owners for dropping their usual prices, even though they themselves have suffered huge losses this year. They understand the need, more than ever, to enable more people to participate and enjoy some light-hearted, quality entertainment this Hanukkah! Let’s really support THEM and have an awesome time doing it!

So, without further ado…. Just CLICK HERE and book your places!! (Limited spots!)


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