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Hairspray – The Musical!

A true favorite of adults and children alike, Hairspray, the musical will be on stage around the country this Summer in Israel!!

Yes, the lyrics will all be in Hebrew but that won’t stop you singing along in whatever language you want at this fabulous feel-good musical.

Watch this preview!

המחזמר הנודע "היירספריי", אשר זכה ב-8 פרסי טוני, יעלה לראשונה בגרסה ישראלית בחודש אוגוסט.אוגוסט 2017 בתל אביב וברחבי הארץ – מהרו להזמין כרטיסים!⭐ילדה גדולה, חלום גדול, שיער גדול⭐===========================המחזמר מדבר על טרייסי טרנבלד, ילדה שמנמנה בת 16 אשר חולמת להופיע בתכנית ריקודים טלוויזיונית ולהפוך לכוכבת. היא מגלה להפתעתה שבגלל שסיכוייה להתקבל אפסיים. היא לא מוותרת, וכנגד כל הסיכויים היא עושה את זה בגדול. רוני מרחבי תגלם את טרייסי. חברתה הטובה תגולם על ידי משי קליינשטיין וטלי אורן (לסירוגין עם הילה זיתון) תגלם את אמה של אחת המשתתפות בתכנית. עידן אלתרמן יגלם את אביה של טרייסי ואיציק כהן יחזור לבגדי אישה כשיגלם את אמה. Posted by Eventim Israel on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We are so excited that our talented LoveLoveIsrael correspondent, Natalie Blenford met the cast of Hairspray.

Natalie met the Director, Shuki Wenger, who said, “I’ve directed so many musicals in Israel and this is one of the most exciting ones. First of all it’s very colorful and full of rhythm and fun, but there are lots of messages here. What happened in Baltimore in 1962 is quite similar to things that happen here in Israel. We have Ethiopians, black and whites; people worshiping the cult of celebrities on TV; and this is sort of a lesson on how to accept people who are a bit different from you – or who has a different color. It’s very important and relevant today.”

He continued “It was a lot of work to translate. Good translation is the most important thing, but there’s also so much action so rehearsals were quite complicated. Luckily enough we have a cast of wonderful dancers and actors I can rely on. I wasn’t expecting so many Tracys to come to the audition, and there were lots of them with the right character, but Roni was the best, absolutely.”

Natalie also met the actress Meshi Kleinstein who plays PENNY SINGLETON:

“We’ve had 4 weeks to rehearse so it’s been a rush. Penny isn’t a very good dancer so I fit perfectly into the role! (laughs) but we’ve had a lot to prepare. I really like the big number with Seaweed – it’s very hip and cool, and fits the music.

I listened to the Broadway recording of Hairspray all the time, I love it. With the translation, we’ve changed “Good Morning Baltimore” to “Good Boker Baltimore!” We really tried to fit perfectly to the rhythm of the music. But sometimes you need to rhyme things in Hebrew. but it’s the same meanings.

Do I think English speaking audiences will understand it and enjoy it? Yes! When I was younger, I went to see Broadway shows and I didn’t understand English perfectly, but I still really enjoyed it. I think, if you like art, just come!”

Natalie says;

Hairspray is Tony Award winning Broadway musical full of big hair, big tunes and big dance numbers. Translating it into Hebrew and taking it on a national tour of Israel is no easy challenge. But from the sneak preview we enjoyed at the press launch last week, it looks as though this summer’s tour is going to be a smash hit! Leading the cast as Tracy Turnblad is Roni Marchabi . We asked the director,  Shuki Wenger, what made her perfect for the role and he told us: “I wasn’t expecting so many Tracys to come to the audition, and there were lots of them with the right character, but Roni was the best, absolutely,” and we can see why. Roni is adorable to watch and her chemistry with both her mother, Edna, played by Itzik Cohen and her best friend Penny, played by Meshi Kleinstein was great to watch. Everyone in the cast is great but you’ll need tissues for the translated version of “I know where I’ve been” in Act 2 – we were in floods of tears as this powerhouse performer belted out this emotional number. The ensemble cast dance brilliantly and overall it looks as though Hairspray is going to be a fun, thought-provoking and brilliantly performed musical to see this summer.

Natalie also captured these fun preview clips for us! We can’t wait for the show!

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