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Great Activity for Av and Anytime! Temple Mount Sifting

Participation in the Temple Mount Sifting Project is a two hour program which includes an introductory lecture and sifting guidance, the sifting itself and a summary during which the guide explains the significance of finds recovered by the group. Each bucket sifted contains artifacts from all historical periods of the Temple Mount.

The sifting work does not require physical exertion and participants are not expected to get dirty, but they may get wet. Site conditions are suitable for all seasons of the year.

Participants should book in advance.

Important Note: The Temple Mount Sifting Project has moved to a scenic pine grove at the meeting point of Mount Scopus and the Mount of Olives, not far from the Hebrew University campus.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our activity is limited in keeping with official health care restrictions. The sifting is being conducted in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Review by Dani on LoveLoveIsrael:

I just wanted to recommend the Sifting Project in Yerushalayim. We went and it is the perfect activity for the 9 days, during corona, and in this heat!
It starts off with a description of the magnificent view - which overlooks Har Habayit and obviously connected beautifully to the 3 weeks and Tisha B'Av. We were the only family there, it was almost entirely outside (although shaded) and all staff wore masks the whole time (as did we). It involves rinsing what you're looking through and believe me, we were very happy to be getting wet in this heat. Kids aged 5-13 all enjoyed themselves and asked to do it again. We were there in total about 2.5 hours. I highly recommend this activity, especially leading up to Tisha B'Av!

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