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Geek PicNic Pesach 2016

Updated: Apr 2, 2020



Experience the Future this Pesach: Geek PicNic is coming to Jerusalem

For the first time in Israel – a science, technology and art open-air festival, the international sensation Geek PicNic!


About GeekPicNic:


Discounted PriceFull PriceFamily Ticket (2 adults, 2 kids)374 NIS404 NISAdult Ticket124 NIS144 NISChild ticket (age 5+)104 NIS114 NIS

These are the links to book at our special rates – available until APRIL 10th:


This coming Passover, The Jerusalem Sacher Park will become a center for imagination and inspiration – an all-family and youths culture and entertainment experience – the international science, technology and art open-air festival Geek PicNic!

The Geek PicNic celebration includes everything and anything that is geek chic – robotics, space, science and science fiction, 3d printing, VR, astounding tech breakthroughs, visionary scientific research and the latest and most innovative gadgets, all in an open-air park atmosphere, with numerous attractions happening simultaneously.

The international festival, presenting revolutionary scientific research, innovative technology and out-of-this-world art, is meant for multiple audiences – professionals in the various fields the festival explores, families who are interested with an educational and fun entertainment experience for all ages, and the many enthusiasts and fans of tech and gadgetry, science and science fiction, imagination and the future. The geek is chic!

פסטיבל רובוטיקה פסח 2016 ירושלים

This is Geek PicNic’s first foray outside of Russia. Israel – startup nation – was a simple choice to begin with, and Jerusalem, a technological powerhouse, a city that combines scientific and technological peaks of excellence and ingenuity, alongside a rich and profound backdrop of history and spirituality, was selected after careful consideration and examination of all the conditions the city can enable the festival to proceed and to grow.

The Robotic Garden – flaring up the imagination is a zoo of 20 robots of different shapes and sizes, and from various countries around the world – from huge monsters to interactive automatons.

The third industrial revolution – from virtual to physical, we’ve all heard of the 3D printers, but here you’ll see and experience some of the more extreme and inventive uses for them – from printing tattoos to printing coffee.

The Makers – Come and meet the people behind one of the most interesting and influential movements in the world today, the heralds of the third industrial revolution – part inventors, part artists, part technological poets – they’ll inspire the creativity in you and empower you to join the DIY spirit and movement, and start making on your own – be it technol ogy, art or a little bit of both.

Digital art – Israel is one of the leading voices connecting technology and creativity. The festival will showcase several performances that combine music, movement, mechanics, screens, sound an

star wars1

Gaming Zone – touch screens, jousting, role-playing, table-top, retro video games and of course consoles and e-sports. Everything and anything that is games with some technology in the mix.

The Virtual Realm – Put on the headset and enter a new world. 2016 is the year virtual reality breaks out. A hoard of gadgets, up until now available to a select few as development kits, will now be readily available to the general public, and with them a multitude of apps, games and experiences – Geek PicNic will enable you to be on the frontline, and sample amazing virtual experiences that’ll knock your socks off!

Geeks and Gadgets


Wearable Technology – you’re invited to a fashion show with all-3D-printed clothing, wear mood hats and enjoy sensation outfits – the future of fashion is here!

Bionics and cyborgs – we all feel the accelerating rate of technological development all around us, and it put forth complex questions – among them questions about the human conditions and our body itself – where does the body end and technology begins? Technology enables disabled people, whether from birth or by accident, to not only heal, but become super-human, in their strength, speed, agility and other physical attributes. Other people utilize technology to change themselves, some see it as ‘upgrading’ themselves. The dilemmas are difficult, the ethical lines are blurry, but meeting the people themselves is a fascinating, emotional and empowering experience – come meet the people of tomo rrow!

I love Science – the forefront of research alongside live demonstrations – crazy experiments, chemical acts and the pièce de résistance – the TESLA COILS ACT.

Conference – more than 100 amazing speakers on 4 different platforms


Geek Picnic Map

40,000 Sqr Meters 25 robots from overseas 150 performances 150 superheroes 50 international speakers and presentations 40 VR/AR experiences 30 3D printers 25 international gadget startups 20 labs 4 stages 45,000 visitors in 3 intensive days


April 24, 2016



There was a lot of hype surrounding this event and we were looking forward to it. We got up super early to avoid traffic and get to the event before the 9am opening. We found parking easily in the free underground car park at Cinema City and walked five minutes down the hill to the picnic entrance. There was a slight delay in opening the gates which I assume was a result of it being the first day and hope won’t be repeated tomorrow. We were pleased we made the effort to ensure we were one of the first to get in because it gave  us a chance to sign up to a workshop at the Knowitalls tent (making jet cars that worked by chemical reaction) and play on some on the computer games in the large blue Intel tent. There were


The Geek Picnic was nicely laid out. You receive a map when you enter (and in your email) which shows well spread-out tents and events. We popped into most of them, listened to a few explanations but few were really hands-on apart from some unexciting puzzles. This made most events more interesting for older children and adults than smaller kids.  It was eye-opening to watch the incredible 3D printers at work and there were also advanced gaming goggles you could try out.


We didn’t get in to the Space film although we heard it was good. The lines were long and we kept missing the chance to go in. We pretty much didn’t do any of the things that had a long line for. Most of the lines were out in the sun and there were other things to do or watch instead. For example, we enjoyed watching people move their hand to operate a huge robotic hand that could lift and crush cars…but we did not even consider trying to line up for a turn to do it.

To the right of the tents, and easy to miss, there were some drone races and you could fly a drone. Again, luckily we were the first to realize it was there, so my son had a go, but the lines also became long for this.


Drone flying

I highly recommend going to listen to the English talks by amputees who have been given a new life by receiving bionic limbs. There is a stage shown on the map as “Tech Talks” where one – Nigel – gave a compelling and inspiring talk. Following that there was a panel on the issue. My 10 and 12 year olds found it truly fascinating and amazing and they and we got a lot out of it. After hearing a talk in one of the tents, they were so interested that the kids wanted to see the panel discussion as well. For us, this was the highlight of the event so don’t miss this opportunity.

Apart from that my kids enjoyed the arts and crafts tent…and pretty much sat and colored and made wind chimes for a good 45 minutes….no line for that – and pretty standard for any family-orientated event.

There were a few other interesting things to look at and we managed to keep busy from 9am til about 1pm. Overall we did really enjoy the morning. There were lots of people but it didn’t feel overcrowded. There were lines but they were controlled. It was totally different to what we are used to visiting and did open us up to the way technology is moving forward. It was a fun day, although understandably, people felt the ticket price was high.

There was kosher for pesach food with a teudah (kosher certificate) – jacket potatoes and hotdogs/burgers/shnitzels and chips. Drinks were very over-priced and we could not find water fountains to fill up our bottles – luckily I had enough – so bring plenty of water and preferably bring your own food. There was a lot of discussion on the LoveLoveIsrael Facebook group because the tickets say you can’t bring in your own food or drink. In reality, no one checked the bags, and everyone brought in their own stuff….but I suggest not bringing anything over-sized or over the top just in case!

The event is free for under 5’s and although there is a small soft play area and the arts and crafts, the rest really is not for them, but the accompanying adults can still enjoy of course.  Ideal ages are age 8 up I think. Suitable for any techy tweens, teens and adults. Overall – admission is not cheap but the artists/scientists at the tents were all very helpful and informative and we had a good day.


You can read other reviews from group members in the comments below.


The Geek PicNic festival was founded in Russia and has become over the course of a few years a global phenomenon, home to a community of tens of thousands of eager and geeky enthusiasts. A meeting ground for all who have a yearning and nostalgia – for the future – and a platform for wonderful international connections – business, collaborative, academic, and personal – that happen when people from different places but similar attitudes come together. This spirit will now breathe in Israel as well, come to Jerusalem and experience the spirit of Geek PicNic, the spirit of the future!

Geek PicNic is enabled by the Israeli Governmental office for Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Development Authority, The Jerusalem Municipality and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – the academic sponsor of the festival.

Geek PicNic is joined by several top-tier establishments, institutes and groups, at the forefront of their respective fields – science, technology and art, media and communications and geek culture in general, among them are Hitech Zone, JNext, BioJerusalem, Made in Jerusalem, ForReal Team, Hansen House- Center of Design, Media and Technology, The Kuli Alma Gallery and Bar, Scopus and many others.

Carmi Wurtman, producer, entrepreneur and founding partner of Geek PicNic Jerusalem: It’s not every day that you get to produce an event of this scale. After two visits to Geek PicNic St. Petersburg, I was convinced at how this festival is well fitted to the Israeli audiences’ DNA, and I wholly understand why the Russian founders have chosen Israel as the first international endeavor. Israel is perceived as ‘startup nation’ now, and with good reason, every day we hear of another Israeli startup sold to an international conglomerate. The traits unique to Israelis – the clear-cut, no bullshit and the out of the box thinking, the swift action and the creativity, are what enables many Israelis to offer solutions to the many challenges the world sets before us today. While researching for the event we are continually astounded by the many surprises the future holds, and how many of them are based in or have spawned out of Israel. I expect Israelis to contribute quite a lot of content to future Geek PicNic festivals around the world.

Minister Zeev Elkin- The Minister for Jerusalem and legacy: “As an office of Jerusalem we are pleased to take part in changing the image of Jerusalem towards modern Jerusalem. Jerusalem of today is not only the capital of the Jewish and world history, but it is gradually becoming also the capital of the “startup nation”. Following our activities in recent years, Jerusalem has been set one of the world’s fifty most appropriate ” prototype” development of startups, and therefore it is only natural that it will host the International Festival of the amazing technology of tomorrow. Jerusalem today is a city of the past and the future meet her! ”

Yoram Braverman, Director of Culture and Arts in the Jerusalem municipality, “When I was approached by Carmi Wurtman about a year ago with the idea of ​​holding the festival in Jerusalem, did not take me more than a few minutes to realize that this festival is one of the most unique and innovative in the country and naturally it should be held in Jerusalem and allowed the festival a home in the city. I’m sure this festival will be a landmark and will set new standards for public Israeli events, and generally speaking to all lovers of innovation and technology in particular”.

Eyal Haimovsky, CEO of the Jerusalem Development Authority: Geek PicNic’s choice of Jerusalem is another stamp of approval to the successful technological and scientific ecosystem Jerusalem offers. The Governmental Office for Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority have been investing in its development and empowerment, as well as in the young and gifted minds that are working here. These past two years we’ve been seeing the Jerusalem tech ecosystem growing and flourishing in an exceptional rate, doing so alongside already established and veteran scientific research facilities, the best hospitals in the country and world-class academia. We now have all the conditions for Jerusalem to be a hotbed for innovation. This unique festival will offer the general public a glimpse into the goings-on in the labs and RnD facilities, and give a small taste of that creative and innovative ecosystem.Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson, President, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: We’re pleased and excited with this wonderful festival, an event that once again emphasizes the strengths Israel has as a world leader in science and technology, and within that, Jerusalem and the Hebrew University at the forefront of visionary scientific research. The Hebrew University is proud to be a partner in bringing this festival to the very heart of the city of Jerusalem. I am convinced that every visitor, in every age, will be fascinated and excited with the futuristic promises that our science and technology hold.

Ticket Prices Full price – 144 NIS

Ticket sales at Geek PicNic is an international collaboration between 2B Vibes directed by Carmi Wartman, Exponenta, Guy Peleg and the Merlin Company.

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