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Galilee Dreams - Nature-based gifts from the Galilee

Special gifts from the Galilee. Deliveries in Israel and worldwide.

Galilee Dreams invites you to experience the blessings of the Galilee. Their scent bags and other products make the perfect gift for someone you love, or for your hosts this Pesach (and all year round). Delivery worldwide! Click here for ideal Pesach gifts.

Galilee Dreams pack the Galilee scents and scenes in eco-dyed scented sachets with unique golden or silver patterns, filled with Galilee herbs, alongside mini candles and other beautiful hand-made original gifts.

By crafting their gifts and collections, they hope to inspire and uplift your spirit and connect you to the Galilee's historical and natural offerings.

Phone: 054-3518406

Abundance . Blossom . Faith . Peace & Harmony . Galilee-Love


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