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Fun days out in Israel Sukkot 2018!

Updated: May 6, 2020

Here are some of the best events going on around the country this Sukkot, including special graffiti tours, the Salad Trail tour and Saidels amazing breads of the Beit Hamikdash workshop with special groups for LoveLoveIsrael!

Enjoy this season of wonderful Chaggim – festivals!

Jerusalem Region:

Neot Kedumim

Neot Kedumin

  1. For authentic, super Sukkot appropriateness don’t miss Neot Kedumim’s amazing tours including their fantastic Sukkah display.  Tuesday through Friday, September 25-28. Time travel in the world of water. You will learn about the farmers’ dependence on the rain, and try your hand at plowing and grinding wheat grains with millstones. At the water cistern, you will learn about its construction, its importance and its many uses, and the complexity of ancient water installations. You will learn to handle the same ancient tools; to turn the Archimedes screw, to bring up the water, and to watch how the aqueduct provides water to the citron orchard. In addition, there will be performances for the whole family and more. Where and when? Neot Kedumim Park, near Modi’in. 09:00 to 17:00. Friday until 14:00. Price? NIS 45 per participant from age 3 For details: 08-9770770 and at:

The Police Heritage Museum (free), Beit Shemesh

  1. Now a tradition,  The Police Heritage Museum will be running free open days over Sukkot!In the museum, you can watch rare historical exhibits, heritage films and multimedia exhibits. During the holiday, demonstrations and activities of various police units will also take place – such as sabotage, forensics, police patrol dogs, and more …Dates of activity (note opening hours):Tuesday, 25.9.2018 – 9:00 to 15:00 (entrance gates will be closed at 14:00)Wednesday, 26.9.2018 – 11:00 to 15:00 (entrance gates will be closed at 14:00)Thursday, 27.9.2018 – 9:00 to 15:00 (entrance gates will be closed at 14:00)(Please note: on Friday, 28.9.2018, the site will be closed to visitors!)In the program:

– A display of the various police systems: sabotage, patrol, YASAM, forensics, traffic and Border Police

– A display of the new special unit of the Israel Police: the Tactical Division of the Border Police

– “The Blue” Mets: The new police helicopter

– Main performance (11:00 and 13:00) featuring demonstrations by police dogs, sappers and self-defense instructors

– Visit the heritage house displays

– Art corner

– story time and more …

Where? Israel Police Heritage House, National Police College, 1 Virginia Boulevard, Beit Shemesh West Industrial Area. For additional information, please contact their Facebook page , email, or call 02-5788263. Entrance is free of charge, no prior coordination required. The sukkah is waiting for you…

Priests Blessing – Birkat Hacohanim

  1. The big Kohanim blessing at the Kotel is on Wednesday 26th September this year, 8:45-10:45am. If you don’t mind crowds this is a truly unique experience where thousands gather together for the priestly blessing. Allow plenty of time to get there and hold on tight to your family so no one gets lost.

The Old City of Jerusalem

  1. Fabulous tours with J-Ticket from 25-27 September, including musical workshops, creative workshop, visit to the quarter sites, guided tours, special prices for families including workshops (up to 275 NIS per family). The Tourism Department of the Society for the Rehabilitation and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem invites the general public to come to Jerusalem and admire the beauty of the Old City. During chol hamoed Sukkot, the sites of the Jewish Quarter will have longer opening hours, between 10: 00-20: 00.Every day, every hour on the hour, there will be fascinating guided tours for children of the sites of the Quarter, including entrance to the sites. The cost of the tour is NIS 50 per person, and the ticket holders for the free tour ticket are free.Visitors to the Jewish Quarter can also enjoy the JTICKET – a combined tourist ticket for the attractions and sites of the Old City. The project is designed to make it easier for tourists and families to choose sites and activities and reduce costs. Tickets can be purchased at the company’s website and at the tourist sites in the quarter. The card can only be redeemed during chol hamoed Succot. There are four attractions / activities / sites available from the list: The Burnt House, The Herodian Quarter, The Hurva, The Israeli Tower, The Old Yishuv Courtyard, The Bible Experience, The Western Wall Company, Living The Bible, The Four Sephardic Synagogues, Davidson Center.In addition to entering the sites of the Jewish Quarter, the combined ticket will include two workshops at no extra charge: On the roof of Ramban – a balcony of the Hurva Synagogue, there will be a “Journey to the World of the Rhythm” workshop, where participants will embark on a fascinating journey using percussion instruments from around the world. In the Herodian Quarter there will be a musical workshop for families in the spirit of the holiday in which the participants will sing and learn the songs of the holiday and the connection to ancient Jerusalem.On Chol Hamoed, JTicket Sukkot cards will cos NIS 175 for a couple + 2 children and NIS 175 for a couple + 3 or more children. For more details call 4987* or visit this website.

The Israel Museum

  1. The 33rd Kite-Flying Festival will take place  Tuesday September 25 at the Israel Museum. Includes kite making and kite flying.  10 am – 6 pm Click here for full details.

Ein Yael


  1. Israel ScaVentures run fantastic scavenger hunts in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Yafo and more…they are a real loveloveisrael favorite! Check them out and book in a great family or group experience.

Central Israel:

Tel Aviv Bike Ride

  1. On yer bike!  The Largest Cycling Event in Israel! Chol Hamoed, Sukkot, Wednesday, September 28, 20184 cycling courses and inline skating course throughout the city, on the Ayalon highway, along the Tel Aviv coast. Kick-off and Finish on Rokach Street, adjacent to Ganei Hata’arucha Exhibition Center.Foreigners wishing to register in English can call 972-3-5711575 extensions 204 / 235.  Click here for more details!

Sean Kenney Lego Exhibit

  1. You can still visit the Sean Kenney Exhibit at the Tel Aviv Port. Read about it here!

Ariel Sharon Park – the Chiriya

  1. Ariel Sharon Park – also known as the Chiriya – is running a special event over Sukkot. This year’s theme is ‘Games that are out of the box’. A play area made out of junk, mini golf, ninja activities, and some great recycling workshops (suitable for age 5+) as well as a tour of the refuse center. A really great experience, with lots of well done craft/recycling workshops and a fantastic view. Expect it to smell a bit around there – but you will get used to it – don’t let it put you off! 10am – 4pm, 25-27th September.

Saidels  bread workshop

  1. Book fast if you want to join Saidel’s incredible workshop – Breads of the Beit Hamikdash!  A really special, UNIQUE, educational and FUN activity to do with your family. HANDS-ON 3 hour workshop making breads of the Beit HaMikdash – Shtei HaLechem, Korban HaToda and Lechem HaPanim. Ages 5-120. Kasher LeMehadrin. 20 minutes from Kvish 6 (tzomet chorshim/Kfar Saba) For details & reservations: Call 09-7941222 or 0507202521 (whatsapp number)

Icon Festival 2018

  1. Icon Festival 2018 – Israel’s premier scifi conference takes place every year during Succot at the Cinemateque Tel Aviv. Full of imagination and fun – don’t forget to dress up as your favorite fictional character! This year it takes place 25-27th September.

Our IDF – 70 Years of Innovation of the IDF

  1. The IDF is marking the 70th anniversary of its foundation with a special, once in a generation exhibition, called ‘Our IDF’ from 20-27th September. The exhibition is open to the public and is free of charge. Among the contents of the exhibition are a spectacular audiovisual display, special interactive activities for all the family, performances from the IDF’s bands, sailing on boats, unveiling of new equipment, sections about the land, naval, and air forces, special areas exploring the human mind and technology, and many other attractions. The tickets sold out fast but just in case they open up more tickets, the link is here with information in English, and the main website is here. The actual exhibit is only in Hebrew.

Mentos Pop Up Shop

  1. Some sweet fun at this Mentos pop up shop at the Tel Aviv Port! Make your own unique tubes of Mentos and enjoy the flavors of your favorite treats.

Graffiti Tours with Grafitiyul

Grafitiyul is offering  LoveLoveIsrael readers 10% off their fabulous tours. The code is: LoveloveIsrael

Here is the link for the Hebrew activities:

Here is the link For the English activities:

Here are the activities on offer:

1. Tel Aviv Graffiti tour– You will discover Israeli culture through the writing on the wall, graffiti, bumper stickers, and even painted garbage bins. Walking in those streets you will get the opportunity to interact with the locals and truly FEEL what it means to be a young Israeli today.  

Tours in Hebrew:

27/9 at 7 pm

30/9 at 10 am

Tours in English:

26/9 at 7 pm (night tour+ Flash lights)

2. Graffiti tour+ workshop– You will see and hear about Tel Aviv best graffiti and street art with a local artist and with understanding whats behind the scene of the Graffiti we would truly FEEL what it means to be a young Israeli today.  After the tour, you will learn and experience all the fun and special techniques available for painting on walls and on records, that you can take home with you. This event is available for all levels of experience.

Tours+ workshop in Hebrew:

25/9 at 10 am Tour+ workshop

Tours+ workshop in English:

29/9 at 10 am

3. Jerusalem Graffiti and art tour–  through the writing on the wall you will FEEL Israel today through the tensions between secular Jews and ultra-orthodox Jews, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the complex Christian-Muslim relationships and so on. You will see Jerusalem behind the Scenes, young and kicking. This is a rare opportunity to join an artistic adventure of another kind.

Tours in English:  Every Saturday at 6 pm sign up here


Beit Shean – Chag Ha’asif Festival

  1. Lots of fun events going on in Beit Shean for this special festival. Free entry for Matmon card holders, or pay for the National Park Entrance and the activities are free. The National Park and the Eucalyptus park will turn into a huge mansion in the afternoon. The children will be able to participate in creative activities free of charge and enjoy the performances of Yuval Hamebulbal, Yaniv the Magnaviv and Dr. Fox, and every afternoon the children’s fountain will be activated and jets of water will break out for the enjoyment of light and color.  Einat Shroff, Kobi Peretz and the one of the most talented youth stars in Israel, Stephan, will perform In the Beit Shean Valley (Harod Stream), and guided tours will take place every day along the stream.

Where and when? The Eucalyptus Park, the Saraya Compound and the Beit Shean National Park, starting at 16:30 Price? The festival and performances are free of charge. Entrance to the National Park will cost NIS 14 per child, NIS 28 per adult. You can get more details here.


  1. Don’t miss out on the end of season fun at Aquakef . Aquakef continues to be a Summer hit, so if you haven’t been, Sukkot is the perfect time…or the perfect time to go again because you know your kids would LOVE to! Age 3+. Ideal for teens and young adults! Book your slots here. Reviews click here.


  1.  Technoda in Hadera – Make glow-in-the-dark slime, write with light,  crazy quizzes and more….More details here.

הפנינג המדען המטורף בסוכות בטכנודע המדען המטורף מחכה לכם בטכנודע בסוכות!אנחנו מזמינים אתכם להרפתקה מדעית מטורפת לכל המשפחהבתוכנית:⚛ חידות מטורפות ⚛ סליים זוהר בחושך ⚛ כתיבה באור ⚛ מופע משעשע של המדען המטורף ועוד מלא הפתעות מדעיות!חול המועד סוכות – 25-27/9/18 כל הפרטים פה: Posted by ‎Technoda – טכנודע- המרכז לחינוך מדע וטכנולוגיה‎ on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Afula 3D Pavement Festival

  1. Afula will once again run the 3D Pavement art Festival! 25-27th September, 18:00-22:00 on Alozorov Boulevard, Afula.


So many fantastic things to do and Sukkot’s weather is perfect for making the most of it. LoveLoveIsrael recommends these great ideas!

Shvil Hasalat – The Salad Trail

Exclusive LoveLoveIsrael Days out this Sukkot! Book this fabulous tour that includes tasters of delicious vegetables  – Book now to make the most of this great opportunity, and special discounted price!

25/09/18 – 12:00 

Read reviews here!

Other ideas –

  1. Archery in Mitzpe Ramon

  2. Book a visit at the Mitzpe Ramon Visitors Center


Negev Fun

  1. Look at the stars! Star gazing at night (wrap up very warm at night!)

  2. Sandboarding! A real hit with energetic groups – so much fun to be had but there is some shlepping up the hill so be ready for a great workout too!

Ben Gurion’s Tzrif

  1. Ben Gurion’s Tzrif – Celebrate Ben Gurion’s 130th birthday at his home in SdeBoker from 8-10th October from 10:00-16:00

National Parks!

Caesarea. Photo Credit Mano Greenshafan

  1. The National Parks will be running fun activities at many of their sites over Succot. See the full list here. Highlights: The Roman Market and ancient shows and acrobatics at Caesarea National Park. The Nabatean Market at Mamshit, Talmudic days at Tziporri, and much more!


Circus Festival in Modiin

  1. The popular Circus Festival in Modiin returns once again! Lots of free shows as well as shows you need to book in advance. 25-27th September from 18:00-22:00.

Moshav Fair

  1. The Moshav Country Fair is back again at Moshav Mevo Modi’im! Wednesday 26th September from 11:00 – 21:00.

Muzot Festival

  1. The Muzot creativity Festival in Shoham is free except for some select events.Call 03-9

  2. 723001 or click here for details.

Annie the Musical

  1. Book a musical! Lyrics are in Hebrew but the show  is are fantastic! Ticket details here!


If you are looking for something more intimate for your friends or family book a workshop! These three lists include some fantastic workshops across Israel that have been recommended in the LoveLoveIsrael Facebook group! Check them out and book one!

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