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Fun Days Out in Israel for Sukkot 2017: THE LIST!

Sukkot or Succot, Sukkos or Succos – However you spell it in English, Chol Hamoed is always a great time to discover Israel. The weather is great and the buzz of the holiday is everywhere, so how will you make the most of it? Here are some of the best events going on around the country!

Jerusalem Region:

Neot Kedumim

  1. For authentic, super Sukkot appropriateness don’t miss Neot Kedumim’s amazing tours including their fantastic Sukkah display. There will also be a gymboree for little kids and two different shows throughout the day, arts and crafts activities as well as option to hire bikes and ride the train (extra fee).Tuesday 8-10th October. 9:00-17:00. 40 Shekel per person over age 3. On Wednesday 11th October, starting at 8:30-10am, take on their orienteering family challenge! Wear comfortable shoes, bring a compass and you will receive a map and mission when you get there. For age 4+. 35 Shekel per person. Lasts 1.5 hours. More details here.

  2. The Police Hertitage Museum will be running free open days!  8-10th October. It opens at 9am and has main shows at 11:00 and 1pm.

  1. The big Kohanim blessing at the Kotel is on Sunday 8th October this year, 8:45-10:45am. If you don’t mind crowds this is a truly unique experience where thousands gather together for the priestly blessing. Allow plenty of time to get there and hold on tight to your family so no one gets lost.

  2. Flying Cats & Dogs: The 32nd Kite-Flying Festival will take place 8-10th October at the Israel Museum. Includes kite making and kite flying. They also have a cool Sukkah exhibition – Sukkot in the Headlines, 10 am – 3 pm | Youth Wing Entrance: Yesterday’s newspapers are the

The Israel Museu

sukkot of today: artist Telma Schultz has re-purposed newspaper into an installation with woven walls, tables, seats, and decorations, and members of the public are invited to add their own works. There willalso be a recycling workshop, 10 am – 3 pm | Tues also 4-7 pm | Ages 3-9 | , recycling crafts using newspaper in the spirit of the Youth Wing’s Sukkot in the Headlines installation. In addition there are tours, activities and stories. Click here for full details.

  1. The Hands-on Museum of Ein Yael will be running

their usual ancient-themed activities during Chol Hamoed and is great fun for a range of ages. 35 NIS for Adults, 45 NIS for kids age 3+. They will have a kosher Sukkah for your picnics.

  1. Israel ScaVentures run fantastic scavenger hunts in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Yafo and more…they are a real loveloveisrael favorite! Check them out and book in a great family or group experience.

Central Israel:

  1. On yer bike!  Wednesday 11th October is Tel Aviv’s annual bike ride. Choose from 4 cycling courses and inline skating course. No electric bikes allowed. The routes go throughout the city, on the Ayalon highway, and along the Tel Aviv coast. Start and Finish on Rokach Street, adjacent to Ganei Hata’arucha Exhibition Center.  Click here for more details!

You can still visit the Monster Park this Succot, at the Eretz Yisrael Museum. Read about it here!

Photo credit: גיא חמוי

  1. Ariel Sharon Park – also known as the Chiriya – is running a special event over Sukkot. This year’s theme is ‘Games that are out of the box’. A play area made out of junk, a jumping area, and some great recycling workshops (suitable for age 5+) as well as a tour of the refuse center. A really great experience, with lots of well done craft/recycling workshops and a fantastic view. Expect it to smell a bit around there – but you will get used to it – don’t let it put you off!

  2. Michal Negrin’s World has an extra special Sukkah decorations workshops in addition to their usual fantastic tour. You need to book!

  3. Book fast if you want to join Saidel’s incredible workshop – Breads of the Beit Hamikdash! 

  1. Icon Festival 2017 – Israel’s premier scifi conference takes place every year during Succot at the Cinemateque Tel Aviv. Full of imagination and fun – don’t forget to dress up as your favorite fictional character! This year it takes place Sun 8th-10th October.

  1. Game-In Mako Fest 2017– 8-9 October at Tel Aviv Convention Center, Bitan 2. Gaming Zone, Indie zone, VR zone, gadgets, food, new technology, sport games, simulaters, family gaming and even join all night for the 18+. Click here for tickets and information.

  1. Coca Cola  “Always Classic” Exhibition at the Tel Aviv Port. This is a free event but you must register online by collecting and keeping participating coke labels. On every Coke product you buy there is a label with a picture and a code. Select the picture on the website and add the code – each one helps you get up to 6 tickets for the exhibition. Thereafter keep collecting to win prizes. Don’t forget to keep the actual labels to claim prizes! 


  1. Olive picking and pressing festival run by Hashomer Hachadash. Free entry. October 9th and 10th.Call 050-8818206 or click here for details.

  1. Don’t miss out on the last week of fun at Aquakef until the weather warms up again in Springtime! Aquakef was once again THE big hit of the Summer so if you haven’t been, Sukkot is the perfect time…or the perfect time to go again because you know your kids would LOVE to! Age 3+. Ideal for teens and young adults! Book your slots here. Reviews click here.

  2.  Technoda in Hadera – Techno-chef! 9-17:00 8-10/10. Learn about food and science! What’s the connection between bacteria and cheese? How can we tell if our food has sugar in it? How does yeast work? More details here.

  3. Ptil Tekhelet is once again conducting their very popular Marine tours at Chof Dor (Kibbutz Nachsholim near Zichron Ya’acov) this Sukkot Tues-Thu Oct.8-10, 2016. So book your tour details here.

  4. Don’t miss the Annual Paprika Festival at Derech Hatavlinim in beit Lechem Haglilit! 5-14th October from 10am, Some workshops cost extra but most are included. Activities include going out to the fields, searching for the green paprika in a pool of red, chef’s tips, making decorations with paprika and spices.

  1. After last year’s success, Afula will once again run the 3D Pavement art Festival! 9-10 October, 18:00-22:00 on Alozorov Boulevard, Afula.

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Negev Fun

So many fantastic things to do and Sukkot’s weather is perfect for making the most of it. LoveLoveIsrael recommends these great ideas!

  1. Archery in Mitzpe Ramon

  2. Book a visit at the Mitzpe Ramon Visitors Center

  3. Look at the stars! Star gazing at night (wrap up very warm at night!)

  4. Sandboarding! A real hit with energetic groups – so much fun to be had but there is some shlepping up the hill so be ready for a great workout too!

  1. Ben Gurion’s Tzrif – Celebrate Ben Gurion’s 130th birthday at his home in SdeBoker from 8-10th October from 10:00-16:00

  2. There is a really special event going on in Sderot for families. Must register.

National Parks!

Caesarea. Photo Credit Mano Greenshafan

  1. The National Parks will be running fun activities at many of their sites over Succot. See the full list here. Highlights: The Roman Market and ancient shows and acrobatics at Caesarea National Park. The Nabatean Market at Mamshit, live plays performed at Masada, and much more!


  1. The popular Circus Festival in Modiin returns once again! Lots of free shows as well as shows you need to prebook. 8-10th October from 18:00-22:00.

  1. The Moshav Country Fair is back again for the 20th year, at Moshav Mevo Modi’im! Monday Oct 9th from 12:00 – 21:00.


  1. Elon Gold, one of America’s favorite comedic acts will be performing in Jerusalem and Herzliya for Sukkot. Star of his own Neflix special Chosen and Taken and with a long list of Hollywood acting credits to his name, Gold is known for his spot-on impersonations and uniquely-informed and hilarious take on Jewish traditions and life. Benefiting the work of StandWithUs, the show will also feature Avi Liberman, well-known as the Founder of Comedy for Koby. Tickets are moving fast, so order now for this special show. JERUSALEM – Tuesday, Chol Hamoed Sukkot – October 10th – Beit Shmuel TWO SHOWS: 6:30 PM and 9:30 PMHERZLIYA – Saturday, October 14th – Herzliya Performing Arts Center – Jabotinsky 15, Herzliya: 8:30 PMBOOK NOW and watch a clip!: or call 054 659 7795/6For any questions please email

  1. DGTL Festival in Ganei Yehoshua Tel aviv, will feature top DJs and play from the afternoon until night 5th October. Tickets and details here.

  1. The Muzot creativity Festival in Shoham is free except for some select events.Call 03-9723001 or click here for details.

  1. Drink and Sing! Shira and Beera! Free fun festival in Eilat this Succot. 7-10 October. Details here soon.

  2. JerusalemU is organizing a screening of Hummus! The Movie  on Sunday night Chol Hamoed Sukkot in Jerusalem at Yes Planet.

Here is the link to the landing page:

  1. Book a musical! Lyrics are in Hebrew but the shows are fantastic! Les Miserables or HairSpray!


If you are looking for something more intimate for your friends or family book a workshop! These three lists include some fantastic workshops across Israel that have been recommended in the LoveLoveIsrael Facebook group! Check them out and book one!

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