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Free Pesach Events 2017!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Pesach is the festival of freedom, but there is so much to do and buying in all that Pesach food is certainly not free. Many of us just want to find simple fun activities to do as a family without breaking the bank. So, LoveLoveIsrael has produced this BIG list of free events going on around Israel! For our BIG list of Pesach events, click here.

What’s in this list?

  1. Free volunteering events

  2. Free fun days out

  3. Map and Matza – free fun events at 12 Israeli Heritage Sites

  4. The Bank Hapoalim list of free museums and sites (The 2017 list will be out any day so check back here soon)

  5. National Parks Events (free with a Parks membership card – you can purchase your’s here and save money all year round)

  6. Shvil Yisrael Day – 13th April

Volunteering Opportunities

JVN is promoting a range of one – off volunteering opportunities in Israel during the Pesach period. Opportunities are available all over the country. Many are family friendly and free of charge. Activities include entertaining children (Meir Panim), Picking vegetables (Leket), sharing a hobby (Youth Aliyah), plus many more. This is a great way of spending time in Israel, the opportunities promise to be fun, sociable and rewarding whilst making a real difference to those less fortunate. For more info, please visit

Free Fun Days Out

The Police Heritage Museum in Beit Shemesh will be having a Pesach ‘Happening’. In addition to the museum you can join guided tours, watch demonstrations of self defense, of robots , using police dogs, and a police helicopter. There are also movies, story time and more.

Derech Hatavlinim – Zaatar Festival – entry is free and many events including a walk to the fields, drumming circle,  quiz with prizes, giant bubbles activity  and relaxing tent are free. Some others (tractor ride, workshops) have a fee.

Map & Matza – Free Heritage Sites

On Wednesday 12th April and Thursday 13th April, 100:00-16:00, TWELVE Israeli Heritage sites will open its doors for free with some fabulous free events, including shows for the whole family, storytellers, workshops, sports activities and quizzes with prizes. The festival is being held for the second year at the initiative of Culture Minister Miri Regev, with the aim of making it a tradition.

Free events at Israel’s Heritage sites

The participating sites are spread throughout the country from north to south, giving visitors an abundance of fascinating history, exciting experiences and stories that make up the Israeli experience. The sites participating in the festival include the Yad Mordechai Museum, the Beer Sheva locomotive compound, Ammunition Hill and the Italian Jewish Museum in Jerusalem, the Ben Gurion House in Tel Aviv, the Gush Katif Visitors Center in Nitzan, the Rishon LeZion Museum, Shuni, the founders’ museum in Ma’alot and Beit Zinati in Peki’in. On Wednesday, April 12, visitors will enjoy stories and plays based on folk tales from around the world. On Thursday, April 13, the sites will be honoring the writers and poets we have grown up on and whose works have become the milestones of our culture. Each site will offer its visitors a story and an experience accompanied by children’s favorite shows of the best of the theaters and storytellers: Father makes a mockery, the tractor in the sandbox, Jack and the magic waffle, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Magic Tree, Button Soup, The Generous Tree, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio and more.

A web quiz with great prizes, specifically written for the festival will invite participants to answer questions about the heritage sites participating in the festival.

In addition to the performances, visitors to the festival will be able to enjoy unique activities that are suited to the nature of each of the sites: a cellular navigation game in the ancient alleys of Peqi’in, a knitting workshop led by Druze women, a ring workshop, virtuoso musicians and a performance of opera singers. The Andalusian Museum to Mugrabia and the poet Michael Peretz at the Founders’ Museum in Maalot Tarshiha, the co-coloring of an ancient Italian Haggadah printed on huge plates, a monumental track in Yad Mordechai, a dance performance at Ben-Gurion House, workshops on recycled materials, guided tours of each of the sites, , A drumming circle, a hula hoop for the whole family, a one-man band, soap bubbles, workshops for thinking outside the box and dozens more activities!

1.Beit Zinati – Pekiin

Cellphone Navigation Game at Pekiin

The Zinati House Visitors’ Center is located in the alley of the ancient Peki’in synagogue and provides an exciting experience between past and present. It includes the Peki’in People’s Museum through which you can get an impression of the life of the Galilee Fellah and the ancient home of the Zinati family, the guardians of the ember, in which there is an audiovisual display. You can book a tour of the village sites: the cave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the village spring, the flour mill and the synagogue. More on the site: “The Race for a Million” – a mobile navigation game designed for groups and located in the ancient alleys of Peqi’in, hosting an ancient Druze Diwan, meetings with the villagers and the story of the Druze community. Activity runs throughout the day (10: 00-16: 00) A workshop in the courtyard of the museum, a guitar player and harp player in the cave, in the synagogue, in Diwan and in the spring, an audiovisual show. Special events on both days: 13:00 Composition of Four Religions – Folkloristic Music Show 15:00 Theater performance with Margalit Zinati For details: 04-9997197,;

2.The Jacob Chazan Founder’s Museum, Maalot Tarshiha

The  Jacob Hazan Founders’ Museum was established in a building that was established in the 1960s and is known as the “railway”. The museum presents the history of settlement in Ma’alot. It focuses on the stories of the founders of the city and will allow you to get to know the stories of the pioneers firsthand. There is a model apartment with living room, kitchenette, dining area and seating area. In addition, a reconstructed grocery store from the 1960s was designed here. In the courtyard of the museum are growing crops that characterize the concept of residence of an “auxiliary farm”. Recently, “Israel to the Eye” was established here – a center for the study of the family in Maalot Tarshiha. You can tour the museum and you can also combine it with a lecture and a tour of Maalot Tarshiha, which includes a walking tour of the picturesque Christian Quarter of Tarshiha. Activity throughout the day (10: 00-16: 00) A traditional henna tent decorated with music and refreshments (tea with mint and traditional Passover cookies), and guided tours. There are special shows and events – call 04-9574256;; or email:

3.The Etzel Museum in Shuni

The Irgun Museum, which chronicles the history of the Irgun Zvai Leumi (National Military Organization) is located in the Shuni Fortress in a pastoral rural area that stretches from Zichron Yaacov to Binyamina. The visit is suitable for children aged 10 years and above. Activities run throughout the day (9: 00-16: 00), including guided tours, audiovisuals and creative workshops from recycled materials.

Contact for more details:  052-8330177;

4.The Mizgga Museum, Kibbutz Nahsholim

The museum is located in an impressive two-story stone building built by Baron Rothschild in 1891 as a glass bottle factory for wineries. In 1980, the glazier became a magical and unusual museum with magnificent finds. The museum describes the Baron’s initiative and the history of the Mizgaga. There are a variety of exhibitions – from ancient glass to contemporary art. As is appropriate for its location, the museum commemorates the history of the site for marine and land, with archaeological discoveries in the Dor-Nachsholim docks, including the ancient city of Dor, the ancient port and evidence of the azure and purple industry. Today, the exhibition contains hundreds of rare items, which are testimony to the lively life in the area.

They will be running guided tours of the exhibition, as well as preservation workshops and demonstrations.

For more details: 04 6390950;;

5.Ben Gurion House, Tel Aviv

The Ben-Gurion House in Tel Aviv is the home of Paula and David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister and defense minister of the State of Israel,  left in his will to the state. This is Ben-Gurion’s residence before he moved to the “hut” on Kibbutz Sde Boker. All

Ben Gurion’s House

the living items of Paula and David Ben-Gurion are in the house in the state and location they were in when they lived there. When the house opened in 1974, souvenirs and other displays were added. On the second floor of the house you can find a bedroom and four library rooms that belonged only Ben-Gurion. Here he worked, wrote letters, recorded in his diary, and received guests and friends.

They will be running free guided tours, an area for drawing for little children as well as creative workshops. There are also shows throughout both days. For full details: 03-5221010;;

6.The Rishon LeZion Museum

A museum of the history of Rishon Letzion. The museum presents Rishon LeZion’s contribution to the shaping of Israeli culture and nationalism. Here the blue and white flag was first designed, the anthem Hatikvah, the first Hebrew school, and a series of groundbreaking initiatives in the design of Israeli culture. Activities that will take place every day (10: 00-16: 00). There will be workshops and tours, old court games, a drummers’ circle, an exhibit on the Israeli flag by the artist Dana Mosen as well as performances. More details:  03-9598862, 03-9598860;;

7.Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem

Ammunition Hill

An original fortified fortification complex, including a maze of impressive battle trenches, which was captured by the Jordanians in the War of Independence and became a military post near the dividing line between the two parts of the city. In the Six Day War, the hill was conquered by the Paratroopers in a bloody battle, which brought about the opening of the road to Mount

Scopus and the Old City. Today it is a heritage site, used to educate and commemorate the liberation and unification of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War. On the same site is also a museum about the struggle for the unification of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War and memorial monuments. They will be running guided tours, there will be children’s play equipment and juggling on the lawn as well as classic shows throughout the day. For details:  02-5829393;;

8.Museum of Italian Jewry, Jerusalem

A museum dedicated to the cultural assets of the Jewish communities in Italy, constituting an important means of learning, recognizing and preserving the memory and rich heritage of these communities. The uniqueness of the museum is that it is the only one of its kind in the world that presents a collection of all Jewish communities in Italy. Among the unique items in the museum: a 300-year-old sukkah, the world’s second ancient ark, the oldest curtain in the world and more. The ancient synagogue in the town of Conliano in the province of Veneto, which was built in 1701, was also relocated to the site and was rebuilt here in the early 1950s. Activities will take place every day (9: 00-16: 00) – including tours, workshops and performances, as well as opera ensembles. For more details:  02-6241610;;

9.Gush Etzion Heritage Center, Kfar Etzion

A visitor’s center and audiovisual movie that tells the story of Gush Etzion before the establishment of the state. You will learn about the life of the group of pioneers who came here straight after the Holocaust, built a thriving kibbutz in the mountains of Judea and fought bravely for their home until they fell in battle. 19 years later, their sons and daughters returned to build the mountain and build on it. The story of Gush Etzion is presented in a very moving way to connect the viewer to the period while walking through a series of screening halls. Activities that will take place throughout the day (9: 00-17: 00) – including the audiovisual show, the exhibition and guided tours. There will also be shows for children and arts and crafts.

For more details:  02-9935160;;

10.The locomotive complex 70414, the old city Beer Sheva

The Locomotive in Beer Sheva

A beautiful compound in the old city of Be’er Sheva, which was built on the Turkish railway station in 1915. In recent years the Turkish railway complex has undergone a process of renewal and development, and today it is a cultural, heritage, recreational and entertainment complex in the Old City of Beer Sheva. In the 70414 locomotive complex, visitors are exposed to the story of the Turkish station and its history through the story of the city of Be’er Sheva and the development of trains in Eretz Israel. The activity is interactive and experiential. In addition to this, visitors will be able to enjoy workshops which are all connected to the locomotive themes as well as the “Katar Bar-Restaurant” (I have not verified Kashrut levels). Activities will be held throughout the day (9: 00-17: 00) – including guided tours, creative workshops, experiential activities, soap bubbles, space figures.

More details:  08-6234613, Ext 2;;

11.Yad Mordechai Museum – From Holocaust to Revival, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai

The Story of the Jewish People in the Diaspora and in Eretz Israel. From the end of the 19th century until the establishment of the State of Israel, the museum “Masua LaTakuma” is the site of the 1948 battles. The Anielewicz monument makes the connection between the 1948 battles in the south of the country and Mordechai Anielewicz, who was commander of the Warsaw ghetto uprising and after whom the kibbutz was named. In the museum there is an unforgettable reconstruction of a bunker in the Warsaw ghetto, where Mordechai Anielewicz and many of his comrades were murdered. Also on the site is a model of the Warsaw ghetto detailing its structure, its houses and streets, as well as the site of the battles against the Egyptian army in 1948. In one of the first buildings on the kibbutz, a museum called “Kibbutz of the Past” was established, which, as it is, describes the early years of Yad Mordechai. The memorial sites are located inside the kibbutz and integrate into the local landscape. Activities will take place all day (9: 00-16: 00) – including creative workshops, development workshops to make you think outside the box, activities to do with exodus from Egypt – some are for a fee though so check this.

More details:  08-6720559;;

12.Katif Center, HaHoresh Avenue, Nitzan Bet

A center that tells the story of Gush Katif – from its inception and development, through the Disengagement Plan and the pain of uprooting, to the challenges of renewed growth. The visit to the center is spread out over 6 spaces that combine videos, video art, photography exhibitions and installations that create a unique and exciting experience. The tour is carried out by the Gush Katif members who share their personal stories during the training. Activities will take place throughout the day (10: 00-17: 00) – including tours and tutorials, films and children’s shows, paper folding and creation workshops.

More details:  077-432-4101;;

The Bank Hapoalim List of Free Museums and Sites 2017:

Bank Hapoalim will once again be sponsoring free entry into the following sites during Pesach 2017! There are some different ones this year so take a good look through the list!

Sites will be open for free on 12-16th April. 12-13th April sites will open for full days and Friday 14th April and Sunday 16th will be half days. More details including opening times are here.

Be warned that these places are packed over Pesach so if you plan on going get up early and be the first ones there!!


Hermann Struck Museum 04-6359962 The International Family Galilee Sculpture Festival in Maalot 04-9578871 The Deer Forest 050-8723920 The Golan Antiquities Museum 04-6961350 Park Katzrin 04-6962412 Museum Otzrot Bechoma 04-991104 Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art 04 838 3554


The Mane Katz Museum 04-911 9372 Museum Umm El Fahem – 04 -631-5257​

The Janko Dada Museum, Ein Hod 04-9842350

Wilfrid Israel Museum (of Asian Arts and Studies), Kibbutz Hazorea.  04-9899566

Parobot – Kfar Yechezkel 054-439-6406 A Robotic Milking Farm (Refet) Central Israel:

The Yitzchak Rabin Center 03 7453358/*4585

Design Museum, Holon 073 215 1500

Outlook Visitors Center 03-6423111

Jerusalem and Modiin:


Yad LaShiryon, Latrun 08-9784302 The Bible Lands Museum 02-5611066

Art Museum Monart Center, Ashdod 08-8545180

Puppet Museum, Arad 052 2398918

Glass Museum, Arad 08 99533388

National Parks Events

We highly recommend purchasing a National Parks card. You can get a great rate by purchasing through LoveLoveIsrael here. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will make guarantee that you go out and enjoy some stunning sites all over Israel in order to get maximum use out of your membership! As always, there will be special events running at many sites throughout Pesach and you can click for the full list that will soon be posted here.

Shvil Yisrael Day – 13th April

Haganat Hateva is celebrating the famous pathways of the hikes around Israel with free tours and celebrations at certain locations around the country. Click to see the full list and what will be taking place at each one!

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