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Free Event at Tel Aviv Port this Friday 6th May!

This sounds like a really fun and meaningful way to spend Friday morning. 

טעימה עיוורת של גלידה - צילום קובי אליהו

With free admission at the beautiful Namal Tel Aviv, the Non-Profit organisation, ‘Access Israel’ or ‘נגישות ישראל’ will be running a whole range of events to spread awareness about disabilities for the seventh annual event of its kind.

When was the last time you tasted ice cream ‘blind’? Have you ever tried to shoot a

basketball when you’re in a wheelchair?

Canoeing along the harbor, an aerial flyover above the heads of visitors, as well as a chance to experience first hand an array of Paralympic sports, a LIVE DJ, guest appearances by artists and more.

The purpose of the event is to increase awareness of accessibility and salute the team Paralympian competes with Rio 2016 games and everything is done in an original, fun and experiential. School students from across the country will attend the event already morning.

The event is designed for the whole family, Friday this week! May 6, 2016 Tel Aviv port, from 11:30am until 15:30. Free admission! More


עוד טניס בכסא גלגלים - צילום ליאור סביליה
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