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Foraging Wild Edibles Walk

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Phone: 050-710-1791


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‘Today I attended a foraging walk with Ronit H Peskin in Modiin. I was completely blown away by her guidance today. Ronit is incredible at speaking to a large group of individuals comprised of people from all different backgrounds with a variety of experiences. We were almost 40 people of all ages, babies up to grandparents, some sporty, some with special needs, some with years of foraging experience, some out for their first time, and every single person was engaged! She was professional and authoritative. She was prepared with great answers and examples for every single question. She was patient and kind dealing with participants with special needs, children, and those who asked about a plant she just finished spending 15 minutes talking about! Kol HaKavod Ronit, very well done!’


Join me and learn all about the wild edibles growing all around us, how to use them to increase your health and well-being, diversifying the flavors in your kitchen, all while lowering your grocery costs. Contact Ronit to find out when and where her next walk is.

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