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Flyover times for Yom Haatzmaut 71!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Traditionally, the Israeli Air Force celebrates Yom Haatzmaut with a special salute in Israel’s skies.

This year there will be dozens of aircraft on display at three open bases, plus the IAF Museum, and the aerial flyover across Israel for Israel’s 71st Independence Day.

THE FULL LIST is now available from the IAF website – CLICK HERE For best viewing, look at it from your cellphone.

The aircraft will pass over IAF bases and over 40 cities and towns, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat : IAF Archive image

Bases that will open on Yom Haatzmaut this year: The Ramat David base, located in the Jezreel Valley, will open on Independence Day between 08:00 and 13:00. The program includes air force flying, aerial crew show, IAF exhibitions, an exhibition and presentation of weapons and means of rescue, and the performance of the IAF.

The Technical School, located near the city of Haifa, will open on Independence Day between 08:30 and 12:30. The program includes: Air Force flights, Aerobatic show, local bands, airplane shows, multimedia show, fire show, children’s play stations and IAF performance. This year there will be no shuttles but it will be possible to park in an organized parking lot in the Kishon Fishing Moor area. Access to the parking lot is via Julius Simon Street (Arrival address via the Waze application: Independence Day Parking, Haifa Technical Base).

The Tel Nof base, located near Gedera, will open on Independence Day between 07:30 and 13:00. The program includes air force flying, aerobatic show and various aircraft exhibitions in the past and present. In addition, weapons and rescue equipment will be displayed, and technical display will be displayed.

The IAF Museum at Hatserim Base, which is located west of Be’er Sheva, will open on Independence Day between 09:00 and 14:00. Entrance to the museum is free of charge. The program includes: Air Force Flight, Aerobatics Show, Steirman Airplane Flight, Technical Pavilion, Aircraft Display and Advanced Veterans, 150 different aircraft chronologically arranged according to periods and appearance of the IAF.

More details will soon be on the IAF website.

On Thursday May 9th  from 11am the planes will pass over 40 cities and towns and above IAF bases, including transport aircraft, fighter planes and helicopters. 

LoveLoveIsrael tip: If you plan on visiting an IAF base leave SUPER early and come well prepared with hats, water and food.

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