Farming Circus at Moshav Yogev

Updated: May 13

Location: Moshav Hayogev ,Emek Yizrael

Phone: 054-550-0274




Recommended by:

Bridgitte Raven
‘We spent the day at the “Farming Circus” on Moshav Yogev and were totally in love with the people who run it, staff it and perform. Beautiful, clean, fun, entertaining and educational. Check out their facebook and website to learn about how they combine farming with circus performances to create a family experience that touches on all of the senses. This sounds like an advertisement, it’s not, we just loved it so much I wanted to pass it on.’


Circus show, vegetable picking in the Winter (incl broccoli, cabbages, carrots, beetroot, kolorabi, lettuces etc.) , petting animals, circus workshops.

Check their site for opening days/workshops/circus shows.



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