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Enjoying Good Food over the Chagim in Israel

A Summary of Where to Order Good Food During the Chagim in Israel.

Fika Swedish Bakery – Cardamon Bulle – Kosher

As the Chagim approach and Israel prepares for another lockdown, restaurants are once again forced to deliver food rather than host guests in person. Over the last few months, DebbestIsrael has been updating many of the posts she originally created before Pesach, focusing more on food delivery options around Israel.

Click here for her latest article with a summary of the various options that exist to ensure that you enjoy good food over the Chagim and lockdown period in Israel.

Photo Credit: DebbestIsrael

Debbie Kandel is a food and travel writer and blogger in Israel, She is a self-proclaimed foodie who grew up in London and moved to Jerusalem in 2008.

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