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Dr Molecula

Updated: Apr 13, 2020



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‘It was such a fun, quality party. My 6 year old was so happy and everyone – including the adults – were totally enthralled, laughing and amazed throughout.’


‘Dr Molecula, is a funny and entertaining science show for all ages.

The doctor performs fascinating experiments, using everyday products that can be found in any home.

The kids (and adults) take part in the show and do experiments that look like magic.

With a lot of enthusiasm and scientific accuracy, the doctor demonstrates chemical reactions, mysterious physical forces, and much more. The show combines theatrical entertainment with accurate scientific facts.The motto of Dr Molecula is simple – science education can be funny, exciting and accessible. We use audience participation, humor and theatrical elements. Our aim is to arouse curiosity and turn the experience of learning science into an unforgetable experience.

Dr Molecula was invented by the actor and director Ori Weyl. The show was first performed at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. A year later it won first prize at the “Wonders” science festival in Finland. Since then the show has been invited regularly to international science festivals in Italy, Washington, Warsaw and other locations throughout the world. Following the success of the show, Dr Molecula has been invited to perform on Israeli TV. Today Dr. Molecula is a regular guest on leading channels such as the “Kids Channel”, “Channel 2” and “Israel National TV”. During the last three years Dr Molecula has grown into a small company with six regular actors that perform in shools, science festivals, museums and more. In 2014 Ori published a new science experiment book for kids.

Duration of the show: 50 min 

Age: Everyone (Primary school kids, Parents with kids, Teen Agers)

Capacity: 250 (can be more)

Can be performed indoors or outdoors’

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