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Do you have a Favorite Donut?

Donuts or doughnuts, Sufganiyot, Sfinge...they are EVERYWHERE here is Israel's bakeries!

Have you had one yet or are you holding out until Hanukkah? Do you prefer traditional jam or do you love flavors? What is your favorite bakery?

These yummy donuts are by Amit Bakery, Raanana. LoveLoveIsrael Photo Credit

Debbie Kandel of DebbestIsrael is a food and travel writer and blogger in Israel, She is a self-proclaimed foodie who grew up in London and moved to Jerusalem in 2008.

Debbie has come up with her list of donut favorites this year!

The focus here is Jerusalem but check out her reviews and menus at the nationwide chains as well!

WARNING: you may want a donut after reading it!!!

Click here for the full article!

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