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Discover the Magic World of Glass at Artesana this Spring!

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Discover the magical world of glass at this beautiful and fun workshop, Artesana, great for ages - perfect for Spring time! Book Now!

Pesach is a great opportunity to discover the magical world of glass, play with glass and create beautiful pieces of art.

Who is the Workshop for?

The workshop is suitable for families, children (age 5+) and adults alike.

If you have a younger child (under 5) in your group, they can work alongside a parent at no extra cost.

How Long is the Workshop?

Workshops last 1.5 hrs.

What do you do in the Workshop?

In the workshop you can create plates, bowls, trays, mezuza cover, pictures, seder plates and more, the sky is the limit!

When will the glass art be ready to take home?

The glass art works need to cook in a special oven at 800 degrees for 20 hours.

Pieces can either be picked up or sent to you by courier for an additional charge.

Open times: The studio will be open in chol hamoed from 9 am to 8pm. Must book in advance.

The studio is also open for workshop reservations throughout the year and before Pesach so be in touch to arrange!


The cost of a session is ₪150 per person for three participants and up, or ₪380 for two people. Each participant works on their own project.


The studio is located in the beautiful Mevo Horon village, 30 minutes from Jerusalem.

Contact Information

Call to book: +972 52-388-1654

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