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Dinosaurs are back Summer 2017!!

We can never have too much dinosaur fun! The fantastic dinosaur exhibit is back, this year at Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port! Now opening on August 6 2017.

This exhibit comes straight from South America, with real-sized dinosaurs!

Get to know the dinosaurs closely, take pictures with them, learn about them and walk around them.

The exhibition covers 2,500 square meters where you can see real-sized dinosaurs throughout the jungle. There is also an interactive area for the whole family where you can ride on dinosaur puppies, climb ropes, photograph with dinosaurs, paint, paint and be real “archaeologists” digging and searching for fossils.

The exhibition takes place in an air conditioned area with plenty of parking in the adjacent parking lots and with convenient public transport.

It will be open from 6th August to 31st August. It is closed on Shabbat. Food on sale inside will be KOSHER. They do not allow you to eat other food/drink inside.

Tickets are 85 shekel a person but 75 shekel if you buy early. There are offers through some credit cards, and family discounts. Children age 3+ need a ticket.

For more information or advice regarding discounted tickets, visit their website or call 03-5446999

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