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Dinosaur Kingdom - Lego Exhibition

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Summer 2020. Heichal Toto, Holon. 15.07 - 31.08 NEW: REVIEW BELOW!!

The most popular international exhibition in the world is coming to Israel! 50 Lego dinosaur exhibits and over 10 million Lego cubes.

Open according to the purple Standard of the Ministry of Health. So, entry will only be allowed with a mask, they will take your temperature and you will need to fill in a form with your details. You will also need to stay 2m apart from other people. There will be alcogel stations throughout the exhibition.

What to expect?

**Over 50 different Lego dinosaur models in a tropical forest backdrop, feature as the main part of the exhibition.

In addition there will be all the favorite areas such as:

Lego Ningago

Lego Friends

Lego Star Wars

Lego City

Lego Architecture

Lego Minecraft

Lego Duplo

Lego cinema, showing your favorite Lego films

X Box and more...

LoveLoveIsrael Review!!!

Thank you to Leah Silverman for this report!

The exhibit is divided into 2 parts. First you enter the main auditorium which has been transformed into a Lego dinosaur world, excellent lighting and sound effects. The dinosaurs are really impressive, and each model has a sign with the name of the dinosaur and how many bricks have been used etc. My kids were very impressed but we walked through quite quickly, you could definitely spend a bit more time walking around. It is designed as a one-way system so there’s no crowding.
The second section is basically lots of different Lego building stations. There’s Ninjago, Star Wars, Lego city, Lego friends, Minecraft etc. Each section was manned and they limit numbers in each section. Everyone had to wash hands before entering each section. Each child received a box of Lego pieces which were disinfected when returned.
There was also a gaming zone and a cinema area showing Lego movies (upstairs). The graffiti wall and Duplo gymboree were not open due to Corona.
There is a small kiosk selling snacks and of course a Lego shop. You can exit and enter many times if you want, they’ll stamp your hand so you could leave to enjoy the other attractions in the complex and come back.
Regarding Corona, we arrived at 9.40 and the place was practically empty so we had no problems keeping distance. By the time we left there were more people but it really was not crowded and everyone was wearing masks and being careful washing hands. This was a Friday so I imagine midweek would also be quiet. They said they limit people going in but I don’t think this was needed today. Temperatures were checked on entrance and I had to sign a sheet with the time of entrance and my phone number.
My 11 year old was a bit bored, I’d say it’s best for ages 3-10. We didn’t spend a lot of time playing with the Lego but if your children love Lego and have patience and imagination you could spend a long time there. Get discounted tickets though, I’m not convinced it’s worth full price.

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