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Darom Adom – The Anemone Festival of the Negev is BACK!

Updated: May 6, 2020

Throughout February 2018 you can celebrate the Bar Mitzvah year of the annual Anenome Festival in the North of the Negev, with a backdrop of millions of stunning red anemone flowers and therefore named ‘Darom Adom – Red South’.

There will be all sorts of activities – mostly totally free – including, the traditional anemone march in memory of Shashana Damari, the anemone race, mountain bike ride, markets, agricultural fairs and the Darom Adom market. There will be musical performances, fairs, as well as tours and of course plenty of beautiful photo opportunities on the red carpet! Special emphasis this year on Israel’s 70th Birthday with historical tours.

For the first time this year, the city of Sderot will also have tours and special meals.


All the information regarding events as well as accommodation can be found on the festival’s website or Facebook page.

For the TOP 10 places for the best red carpets of flowers, click here.

For all the musical performances click here.

Top tip – while the weekends will be buzzing and fun, if you get a chance to go there midweek you will avoid the traffic jams and still enjoy the scenery!

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