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Updated: Apr 3, 2020



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‘Dalia took family photographs of my extended family for my neice’s bat mitzvah. She created a warm and calm environment that was relaxed and not stressful at all. No shaky jittery lips, just being natural. It was fun and the photographs came out so fabulous for a really reasonable price. I recommend Dalia wholeheartedly and would surely use her again.’


Dalia says,

‘After finishing my BA in Visual Arts with a concentration on drawing and painting, I became interested in photography through working alongside my father in his professional photography business and developing my work in the dark room at the back of our house. But it was only upon making aliyah 10 years ago that my loves of art and photography came together in my own photography business.

In my work as a professional photographer I focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere to bring out the natural side of my subjects. Capturing the joy and excitement on people’s faces, and in their actions and interactions on a relaxed family shoot or at a joyous event is a great passion for me.’


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